Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Stil at work!  I can't tell you how sick I am of sorting and sifting through every little thing in my studio...but, I can say I'm making progress like never before!  In fact, I think I can see a light at the end of the tunnel!

 I have been doing a lot of 'redecorating' if you will, along the way.  But that's part of what makes it worth it to me.  Then once everything is finally away to it's place...the studio will actually look like it's been a bit 'redone.'  Surprise!  :)  I'm using stuff that I find...stickers I like, artists papers, an old Originalcyndesign banner made new...excess ribbon, empty jars and the like, to spruce up the joint!  I've been able to actually designate places for so much, and have gotten rid of so much excess scrap that is just in the way.  It feels like a 'big load off.'  :)  A jumbled up mess is nobody's idea of a good time!  Plus, I am starting a bag of free stuff to give to somewhere???  Crayons, a small set of oil paints, stuff like that.  Then, I'm saving stuff for GIVE AWAYS ON THE BLOG!!!!  I'll probably list a bunch of stuff for auctions on the blog and on ebay....whatever I gotta do!  It's gotta go!!!

Well, progress is waiting to be made.  It's 10 pm and I'm gonna see how far I can get before bed!  I'm so excited to post the fresh studio photos....that's really what's keeping me going :) !!! 

Take care, Cynthia

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