Saturday, June 26, 2010

OriginalCynDesign: Supplies

OriginalCynDesign: Supplies: "I have all kinds of these for sale. Give me an idea of how many you want and I'll give you a quote."

Silver Soldered Necklace

This is a brand new piece made of silver hammered rings that have been soldered closed, chandelier pieces, vintage rhinestone jewels, and soldered charms. Piece is lead free and really gorgeous on. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

'Never Been Plain Jane' is the name of this one...

I made this August of 2009 as well, and taught it as a class at "Adorn Me," March 2010.  On either side of the necklace is a soldered pebble with a word inside.."Never," "Been,"---and then on the bottom chandelier piece it says, "Plain Jane."  She's surely not plain.  She sold this past Christmas to someone who really loved her at our annual Christmas Bazaar.  Just some more fun with 'frozen charlottes.'

More dolls!

Here are some of the whole "Frozen Charlotte Dolls," and some that have lost their heads!!!!!

Something new from something old...

So this is a piece I made back in August of 2009, using the porcelain doll heads below.  It's mainly soldered together with a large watch innard, added vintage rhinestones, silver wire wrapping, and interwoven ribbons.

Pretty Playthings...

I love these little dolls...they are part of the 'Frozen Charlotte Doll' frenzy...obviously they are only heads and shoulders.  You can do a lot of fun things with these little gals...or just bunch em up in a dish and take a pretty picture!!!