Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Princess Poppy"

"Princess Poppy"

Hey there!  This is the one I was promising earlier.  She may or may not be completed...I think there are some more finishing touches to come...just a few.  Plus, I have to make a sort of hanger for the top part too.  I was thrilled to get the hair on her today...she's been bald for quite some time.  Though I must tell you it has become harder and harder for me to put the hair on, because I'm discovering an affinity for them bald!  Their big heads are just so round and balloon-like, I love it!  So, I am thinking of doing some baldies in the future!

Her hair is made of some really nice yarn I bought not too long ago, just for doll making.  She's on loose, unmounted canvas, with 3D effects such as; her dress is made from sewed on cloth and filled with batting.  Her legs are from the top of a pair of pajamas that I only ever wore the bottoms to.  I never liked those p.j. tops that button up to sleep in, but the fabric was so cute, I had to save it.  And finally, something useful from it!!!

I do believe those are poppies in her hair, that's why she's princess poppy.  I'm thinking on many more of these, in a variety of sizes.  Lot's of stuff rattling around in my head these days...wanna see how much I can accomplish in the following year!!!

Take care, Cynthia

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