Sunday, December 8, 2013

Check out my New Blog!

Things are moving in a different check out my new blog!!!

I'll see you there!  Cynthia

Monday, July 9, 2012

Pretty Things Happening!!!

Hey hey there!  Pretty things happening over here:)  Just take a look:

I just love these BEAUTIFUL SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS!!!!  They are so much fun to play with.  I've made some wonderful bracelets and matching earrings and I think they are just gorgeous.  Have a try at it for yourself!!!  There are several online tutorials...and if there is enough interest, I'll give one of my own!!!

These are the bracelets I made.  I have to say that I found these bracelets on the internet in a shop that carries Buddhist type jewelry.  They are called "Shambala" Style Bracelets....and I just fell in love the first time I saw them. 

Then, I saw the movie, "Country Strong," and Gweneth Paltrow was wearing one----and it was SOOO PREEEETTTTTYYY!!!!  So, I thought I'd buy one on the ETSY site I saw it at.  Then I realized it was $50. plus dollars...and that I should just make one...or several, for that matter, cause I can do that!!!

PS.  ( let me just say right here...this is not some copyright infringement or stealing someone's idea...these type bracelets have been made for an incredibly long time's a simple macrame braid and bead placement.)

Well, with me, one thing leads to another.  I bought some beads....and loved them so much I thought I should buy some more and make some bracelets to sell around here.  Like, who wouldn't want one...or several????  So, that's what I did and we'll see how it goes.  Maybe I'll end up being the GAUDIEST GAL AROUND....wearing all my bracelets at once...or maybe they'll sell out and I can pay a bill or two!!!:)  It's all good.  It's all good. 

So, here's my arm, with some bracelets on...I've kept the pink and fav's!  Hope you enjoyed the photos!!!!

Take care,


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mixed Media Supply...My NEW ETSY SHOP!!!

Hi All!  Introducing my NEW ETSY SHOP---

Mixed Media Supply

I'm uploading lots of new goodies everyday which include:

Mixed Media Grab Bags
Cabinet Cards
Jewelry Supplies
Canvas Totes
Vintage Ephemera/ French Postcards
Chip board Words
Paper n Cloth Flowers

Come on over and show some love...favorite me and share my new shop with all your friends!!!

As always, thanks so much for your support...and stay tuned for more GREAT STUFF FROM MIXED MEDIA SUPPLY!!!


Handmade Vintage Distressed Tags/ Spring Cleaning!!!

Handmade Vintage Distressed Tags!!!

Check it out people!!!  My very first YouTube Video!!!  It was fun to do, and I can't wait to do more!!!  In fact, can't believe I waited so long!  So -Lesson for the Day
***Just Jump In And Get It Done!!!

It's so easy to get off track, to be overwhelmed, to let our lives run us instead of us running them.  We have to stop being so afraid of starting something new....or of finishing off all those things we constantly put off....because we're afraid of bad news, afraid of rejection, afraid of whatever.  Because, when we finally do get the guts to just do it....the results are usually better than we had expected, and whatever the consequence, we can now move foreward rather than staying stuck in our rut or in behaviors that do not serve us well. 

It's spring time I invite you to do a little spring cleaning.  Sit down and make a list of the top 5 things you'd like to stop worrying about and start doing something about.  Then make them the top priority this week to try and take care of.  Tackle one each day if that's what it takes.  Or pick one day and go for it...just do it.  And report back.  I'd love to hear what changes you've made...we can inspire one another:)  I'm going to make my list now.  How bout you?


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mixed Media Art & Jewelry Classes

Mixed Media Art & Jewelry Classes
Click the classes offered link above to see all!

Something new!!!  I had a lot of fun making this one.  There's texture via modeling paste in the foreground and background...lots of collage flower items added in with my own painted flowers...all highlighted by chalks, which also helped to add depth to the piece.

YOU TOO CAN CREATE WONDERFUL COLLAGES....check out the classes link above!!!  Decide what you'd like to learn, then pop me an email.

 Make mixed media jewelry!!!

Learn to solder...make ornaments, fan pulls, and loads of other decorations for your home!

Learn how to free motion stitch and make these lovely little mini need no previous knowledge of sewing or painting!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chihuahua Sweater from the Sleeve of an old Sweater!!!

Tico gets a new sweater!!!

This is my little homie...Tico.  He's tiny and adorable...and just got a new sweater thanks my sweater upcycling jag!  I simply took the bottom part of the sleeve of a sweater that was already pretty small (plus I had washed and dried it on hot)....measured an approximate length of how far back I wanted it to go on his body...cut off the bottom of the sleeve...measured how far up I wanted the slit to be underneath...cut it and sewed all the edges except the very back...which I still wanted to be rough.  Next I figured out approximately where his arm holes should go and carefully cut them.  Done, finito!!!  Simple and easy, fits great...(and he won't wee wee on it!!!)  Yay!  Now u try!