Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Sell Your Artwork!!!

This is an old booth shot from when I first started out!  2008?

Here are some links that may be helpful in the attempt to sell artwork!!!
How to sell prints:
How to sell original art on the internet:

More on selling your artwork:

Some interesting things to think about when marketing your art to galleries and others:

How to Apply for Art and Artist Grants, Residencies, Funding, Aid and Other Opportunities for Assistance:

Art Collecting: Are you an Art Target? Part II:

This last one above is really eye opening about how some galleries try to sell their art as if it were any other product; the dishonesty, deceit, downright rude and unmoral way these people try to 'brainwash' customers in order to make a sale.

Here are just a few places to go that will get you started on the road to greater sales.  Also check out Goddess Leonie's classes on the right side of my page here....her business e-course is fantastic!!!  I own it and it has helped me lots already:)  Have a great day!!!


Saturday, July 23, 2011


We've got some great weather going on here in Virginia Beach....I'd love to GO TO THE BEACH more, but boy do I have a lot of work to do!!!  I've been working on the computer all day today!  I have learned so much about the computer, blogging, social media, ETSY, promoting myself with buttons and badges!!!!  It's a real trip!  But it makes me feel so good to actually be accomplishing a lot.  And I have been.

My latest fantastic news is this:  I have been accepted into the Neptune Festival this coming September 30th through October 2nd!!!!  So very excited about this!  I had never applied before, not sure what I was waiting on...perhaps confidence.  I got in with my little quilted persona people...they are so cute and I adore them!  Hopefully everyone else will too!  I am going to make a plethora of fabric creations for this show, including purses, and mini quilts of all kinds...and some mini's with photos on fabric ...of loved ones with cute little sayings and the like.  Busy, busy, busy!!!

Be sure to mark the Neptune Festival on your calendars for this year!!!  I hope to see you there:)  Have a great weekend and especially - have some fun!!! 

My Best,


Friday, July 15, 2011


Well, there were 34 entries in total.  A BIG THANK YOU to EVERYONE who participated!!!!  So, how did I do it?  I typed out all the names, cut them into even sized pieces of paper, folded them each twice, put them in the large fairy hat and shook it like a martini.  I initially tried to get the dogs to pick one up off the floor (it would have been the winner), but alas, this did not it wasn't food related:)  So, I waited for Rob, my husband, to get home and let him do the picking.  It was fun and exciting for me too, as I personally know most of the people who participated.

Drumroll please:   The FIRST BIG BLOG GIVE-AWAY has been WON by TERESA HARRIS METCALFE, of Richmond, KY.  Yay Teresa!!!  She tells me she 'never wins anything' so I guess the Universe decided it was high time.  I hope you enjoy the piece Teresa, and fear not all, THERE WILL BE MANY MORE GIVE AWAYS.  I have a whole collection of these type of works that will be going for give STAY TUNED!!!

Have a great day!

Monday, July 11, 2011


I wanted to share with you the plethora of good vibes, and wonderful/ useful information that the lovely Goddess Leonie is providing on her site.  I found out about Goddess Leonie through a writing workshop I am taking online.  This lead me to her site, where I found a beautiful and inspirational community of gorgeous goddesses!  Already, her business e-course has helped me so all kinds of very practical ways.  It's not just a bunch of hooey...she's got bonified tips and tricks for creating a real business sense about whatever it is you are doing...and how to have that 100,000 dollar idea.  I wouldn't be talking about it, if it wasn't something that I believe in wholeheartedly!  Here's a little blurb about joining the Goddess Circle for only $99.00....which includes complete access to everything on her site (which is a whole darn lot!!!)

"The Goddess Circle is an online sacred space with e-courses, meditations & kits to help you discover the creative, wise, joyful Goddess in you! There are three e-courses you can enrol in to be a part of this amazing experience.
  • The Radiant Goddess e-course: a 21 day journey to discovering the radiant goddess in you. This e-course comes with nutrition and movement plans, meditations, a recipe plan & soulful goddess projects to help you shine all over: mind, body and spirit!
  • The Creative Goddess e-course: a six week path to discover the creative goddess inside you with sacred creativity, meditations & projects.
  • The Creating your Goddess Haven e-course: six weeks to create a home that inspires you with spirited interior design, divine decluttering & magical space-clearing.
With each e-course, you’ll receive meditations, videos, guidance and projects. You also get access to a private online message board for you to share your journey with other Goddesses on the journey!
Goddess Leonie has helped over a thousand women over the last five years discover the Goddess inside them."

All the LINKS you'll need to get started are located on the right hand side of this page.  Happy linking people!!!!  Do something wonderful for yourself, you deserve it!!!

Take care all, until later, Goddess Cynthia, over and out:)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

An EASY Give-Away!!!! Don't you just love to win stuff!?!

Hi there everyone!  Hope you are having a wonderful day and staying cool!  It's a sunny day here in Virginia Beach, and I'm doing a GIVE-AWAY on the Blog.  Here's the prize!!!

This is an original piece of artwork made by me (Cynthia Anderson) from ideas found in Kelly Rae Robert's Book, Taking Flight.  It's on 11X14 inch stretched canvas.  A prize worth well over $50.00...great for yourself or the woman or girl in your life!


1.)  Posting this link on your facebook page/ in the feed
2.)  Tweeting this link
3.)  Following this blog
4.)  Posting this link on your blog

For EACH of these 4 things above that you do, you will recieve one you can get up to 4 entries to win!!!  Simply post the url where you linked this blog in the comment section of this post so I can view it.  THE CONTEST LASTS FOR ONE WEEK, STARTING TODAY AT NOON, ENDING NEXT THURSDAY, JULY 14TH, AT NOON.  TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS, AND SOMEONE IS SURE TO WIN!!!

Questions?  mail me at;

Happy linking all!!!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Cute Quilted Characters!!!

 This one (above) is actually in the archives already, but when I photographed her the other day to be juried, the photo didn't look too good.  Some blue had migrated into her face, which I initially liked, but when read through a photo, looked more like a mistake.  So, she got reworked, and I must say, I love her better now. 

Finally finished this one too for admittance into the Neptune Festival...let's keep our fingers crossed!!!  I've actually had several of these lying around, unfinished for a while.  You see, I'm not really any kind of seamstress, so figuring out HOW to finish them was a bit of a trick for me!

I also feel compelled to mention something that I just have to laugh at;  I was at a party this weekend, filled with people I had never met.  While showing some of the ladies my work, I inquired as to what they thought I should charge for the pieces or what they thought people would pay at the Neptune Festival....for pieces like the ones pictured above.  One person actually said, $15.00.  My husband and I have laughed and laughed over it...cause there's nothing else to do!  We both said, well, if I was working in a sweat shop in China...maybe. 

Trying to figure out what to charge for original artwork is one of the worst tasks for me as an artist; perhaps that's why I try to employ the thoughts of others.  I do think it is an intricate process of an opinion survey, research, and advice from those who are more experienced in art sales, as well as learning ways to come up with unique projects that can be made more simply for a lesser price, while not losing the integrity of the pieces.  It's all just another great learning experience on the way to success! 

Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend!

Remember how wonderful you are and how much you have to offer:)  Your presence and contribution is greatly needed.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Free Motion Characters...For NEPTUNE FESTIVAL (I hope!)

Hi there!  Having lots of fun making these wonderful little characters.  It's so much fun to see them COME TO LIFE!!!  I'm making four on a deadline for JULY 5th to see if I get accepted into the Neptune Festival, held here each year in September.  I should have the other two finished by tomorrow and will post them then. 

If you have any cute ideas for me or suggestions about the work you see, please feel free to comment:)  Thanks for dropping in, you are always welcome!