Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friends from AU!

I had a most amazing roomie this year....we had a wonderful time together!  Her name is Carol Hines, and we'd never met b4 this Art Unraveled.  I have, in fact, had roomies at this thing for the past 3 years...and one in Texas for the Adorn Me retreat....all winners!!!! It's nice to have someone to pal around with when no one else is around, and share the things you made or the experiences of the day with.  Thanks Carol, you were great. 

I also ran into my rommie from last year, Emily Miller.  We had a great time together last year as roomies, we were almost like sisters in a way.  So glad we could catch up a bit....always good to see you!!!

To the wonderful couple, Erin and Michael you guys bunches...I always have the best conversations with you...and as far as living in the US goes, we couldn't be much farther away!!!!....Washington and VaBch.!!!  I guess that makes our time together just that much more special.  I saw where Michael was showing off again....winning the student art contest....some people!!!  LOL...wish I could have seen that'll have to post it somewhere...oh!!! 

A bunch of us went out one night to the Buffalo Chip, a bar, pub/dance hall, w band and complete with real live bull riding in the back yard!!!!  Loved it and had a blast.  Wanted to buy me a cowgirl hat and get up on that dance floor, but didn't, maybe next year.  Had a great time watching Rice Freeman Zackery and Earl cut a rug on the floor though.  What a colorful couple in every way!!!  So much fun was had people!!!

A yell out to all my long time buddies who are also awsome instructors that bear checking out!!!!  Michael DeMeng, Rebecca Brooks & (the sherpa) Bill, Susan Lenart Kazmer, Sherri Haab, Karen Michel, Carla Sonheim, Mike Jennings, Lisa Pavelka, Bett York, Jane and Richard Salley.

To my roomie Juliet...from 2 years ago....I owe you a face painting and it's on the way as soon as I find it.  I'm gonna send the original I painted in DJ Pettit's class that year...the one you saw up in our room, and was gonna send it b4 AU this year, but like I said, haven't located it yet!!!!  Mucho love!!!!

Thanks to students and friends!!!

For making it another wonderful Art well as Chuck, Linda, and family, who always do an amazing job making this event come off without a hitch!  They are truly just the most wonderful people, and I feel very fortunate to have discovered this art retreat first.  It's so good I can't help but be faithful in my attendance!

I had just the most terrific students for my, "Play on Faces" class, and I think we all rather enjoyed ourselves a lot.  Your projects turned out amazing...I even had people telling me they saw what you created in the elevators and in the lobby after class, and thought your pieces were just wonderful.  I made a faux pas and didn't bring my camera this I don't have lovely class pieces to post....hoping students will send their photos in!!!! 

Finally, I had so much fun shopping for goodies at the extravaganza!!!  Thanks to all those who bought merchandise from me...especially my major necklace pieces....hope you have fun with those goodies!!!  I got an amazing crochet bracelet from Doris Arndt...thanks Doris, was showing it off on the way home in the plane...folks loved it!!!  Got a wonderful doll from artist Olivia Thomas...that I am just adoring throughout the's just the cutest!  Also took away some glitzy earrings from C.R. Radding, and a wonderful yoga pose print from the fabulous Raina Gentry.  Raina has some fabulous new stuff that y'all really should take a look at!!!! 

I would advise you to take a look at Lisa Pavelka's site for her new 'bling o rif ic' jewelry stylings featuring Swarovski crystals.  They are so beautiful and amazingly crafted....and she's offering all kinds of fun classes here there and CRUISES to Cozumel and the like.  Check it out!!! I'm gonna!

Just Back from ART UNRAVELED!!!

Hi everyone! Have just returned home from Art Unraveled in Arizona and had a wonderful time!  It's my favorite thing to do every year for a reason.  I get to see all these incredibly creative people that I absolutely love to hang out with...and talk about our favorite subject...ART!!! 

I have been attending AU (as we refer to it) for the last 7 of the 8 years it's been happening, and it's what really helped get me going on the path to more and more art.  In fact, without this retreat I would never have progressed to the point I now am artistically, and would probably never even have tried...However, the amazing amount of mixed media artwork and jewelry classes offered were so affordable, fun, inventive, and versatile...that I was enthralled from the beginning, and there's never been a dull moment since.

I would always look at the certain 'spin' each individual artist had on thier work, and wonder how that had happened for them?  When thier own voice emerged and what that path felt like.  In fact, at this past AU I had a chance to talk about that with Lisa Pavelka who is such a kind, warm, beautiful and giving artist. your own style emerges.  I'm in the beginning stages of that I do believe...FINALLY!!!  My own distinct voice seems to now be emerging, and I'm very excited to see where it will lead.