Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday! Still working hard!

Still working hard on painting, and fixing up the studio.  In fact, I am spurred on by the desire to make it all pretty, take photos, and post them on here.  Of course, the studio has never really been cleaned and put in order to my satisfaction, no matter how many times I have tried.  Sometimes I get really inspired by other artist's studios...and set to work buying glass containers and filling them with pretty flowers, baubles, and frozen Charlotte's.  Painting and placing new shelves, hanging other pretties that inspire me here and there throughout the studio...sorting, labeling, and tucking away every little odd and end.  Countless hours have been spent coming up with filing/organizing systems, color codes, sewing centers, jewelry stations, office ware, and the like.  Most of the time it's even hard to start the whole todo...because I'm just so overwhelmed by the intense amount of stuff jam packed into this little room! 

It's difficult for us mixed media artists...especially when we start out I believe.  We know we love mixed media, we just may have no earthly idea where it will lead us...what we might end up specializing in.  So we have to try a little bit of everything.  I have gone through it myself.  Just seeing so many new and different media to use and mesh makes it difficult to say no.  Plus the whole idea of using vintage, recycled, odd and old materials is a real draw for a lot of us.  And thus the grand collection begins.  But it is of little use if we cannot find it...cannot see it...forget it even exists.  And then things turn to clutter. 

That's why I actually threw out a bunch of old work today.  It's stuff that helped me begin, but let's face it, it's not something to hold on to...and I don't believe it's something I can sell, or should even try to, best to get it out of here.  It feels good too.  Clutter is not our friend...but it happens so easily.  In fact, it's funny, I even feel 'lighter' and better when I delete a bunch of old files and photos off my computer, or do a big organizational effort...and get them all tidy.  It really does something for me.  No teasing please, lol.

So that's my bit for today.  Hope your days have been's still rainy here in Virginia Beach!!!


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