Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dream Purse Upcycled!

Hi there!  So this story begins with me buying an allotment of canvas bags over the Internet with a certain idea in ironing transfers of my artwork onto them.  Well, when I got the bags, I didn't like them.  The handles were too short (like a grocery shopping bag) and they just lacked so much pizazz.  So, they went unhappily into the vast storage closet....waiting for the day they might be transformed into something better.

Well, skip to a couple of years later.  I start sewing....something I never thought I'd do!!!  Sewing and loving it.  I don't really know what I'm doing, but I sure am having fun learning.  Finally, one day I saw a bag online with these sort of ruffles.  I loved it.  I wanted to order it.  But since times are hard and I haven't been able to make any money with my own business, I got the grand idea to make one.  Of course mine is quite different than the purse I saw on the Internet.  It was just the idea of the little ruffles I loved.  

Now, I probably would never have had the patience to make the entire bag myself.  But it so happened that I saw another bag in a magazine...handmade....and the skeleton of the bag was just like those hundred bags I'd ordered.  Hummmm...  Smash!!!  The idea for this groovy little bag. 

First, I removed the handles that came on the bag....the ones I really didn't like!!!!   Just cut them right off.  I then cut down the middle of one side of the bag and the middle of the bottom, until I was left with a pretty flat surface on which to sew.  Next, I chose my fabrics, which were largely ones I'd had for years and never made use of until now.  They were also largely fabric scraps; great little cheap left-over pieces they sell around here for half of half price.  Makes it nice.  Also, the scraps are usually just enough to get one, two or three bags out you are always 'keeping them fresh.' 

After picking out the fabrics, I made sure there was enough for my project.  I then cut a little into the material about 2 1/2 or so inches up, and ripped off a 2 1/2 inch long strip.  I like the tattered sort of look the ripping gives.  Next, I attached the strip to the bottom of the bag, pleating it as I went, and then pinning.  When I got done pinning, I started from the end with the pleats going 'with' the presser foot instead of against it.  This will help you sew quickly and get the pleats to lay nicely.  You don't necessarily have to pin the fabric either.  The thin yellow fabric I used here was bunched up under the presser foot as I went along, using a wooden cooking skewer.  They have an actual tool for this at the sewing store, but why pay so much more for the same darn thing???

After I sewed the ruffles either half way around (just the front of the bag) or all the way around (front and back of bag), I then centered an image stamped on fabric (and slightly painted with water color pencils) into the middle of the bag front.  Some of the paisley green fabric was placed behind the image to help frame it, and the image was covered with white tulle to give a dreamy sort of effect.  Another border of ribbon was added around the image and then on the top of the bag.  Fabric buttons were glued on, and two more strips of fabric were sewn to the sides for an easy fit over the shoulder.  Obviously, you need to sew up the bag again, right before you add the handles.  Finishing touch:  a little Velcro right inside in the middle to keep your private stuff private:)

And that's it! 

I'm making more...yes, I have a new addiction;  fabric!!!  Fun with fabric!!!  In fact today I am working on a geisha doll commission...that is basically a fabric painting.  Ok..back to work.  Thanks for stopping by my place...and love to hear your comments any time!!!


Friday, May 27, 2011

Goddess Leonie...and all that includes!!!

I have discovered something new that has already helped me so very much.  It is Goddess Leonie and her E-courses, Kits, Meditations, Fear Releasing Techniques, the Goddess Circle and the like.  She is such a wonderful and inspirational woman; I am in awe of what she has accomplished. 

Goddess Leonie lives in Australia.  I found her through the "World-Changing Writing Workshop," that I am now taking.  She had a part in the workshop....which led me to her site.  I then found a plethora of help for everything that's been lacking in my life...on her site.  I have been amiss about my business life.  What to do, where to go from here???  Why are things not working out?  What avenue should I try next with my art?  Could I ever make a living writing and doing artwork?  Is that possible?

She has a kit for this.  A 149 pg. e-course complete with extras.  What's more;  it's REAL.  No hokey pokey; this lady is for real.  Her words are so inspirational all the time.  Her programs are full of material that is functional...not a bunch of fluffy talk.  Real, live tools to guide you into a better future.  The are working with a goddess.  She is so sweet, caring and beautiful.  She is concerned about doing what's good and right for all...not just for one. 

So, I am very happy to be back in a circle.  I'm gonna share more stories about circles and groups I've been in before, in the future.  There is so much to be learned and shared.  WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.  Intimately.  Quite.

This is the link to the site.  Go check it out if you are so inclined.  It has been a wonderful addition to my life and I'm proud to present it here on the blog.  I think it could help a lot of us find our way and make our own paths to accomplishment.

With love and grace.  Cynthia

World Changing Writing Workshop!!!

I saw this workshop online somewhere...and decided it's just what the doctor ordered.  I love to write...always have.  However, I have so many questions about writing and making a living at it.  I find that most creative people don't have just one outlet for their creativity;  generally, they have many.  In fact, some of us are intrigued by a large number of artistic/creative endeavors...and can't seem to help engaging in each and every one that comes our way.  This is me in a nutshell.  I could never decide on a major in college..I could never select just one thing, because I knew that one thing alone would never sustain me.  I want more.  I have always wanted more...sometimes to excess.  However, if that deep need, that desire to create could be harnessed and molded just a bit into a focused channel...maybe, just maybe, it could work.  And this is the essence of life;  making it work. 

Life only IS because life made it work.  Life discovered a way to come into creation, and sustain itself throughout the Milena.  Maybe this was my task all along;  to see the wholeness of life scientifically, consciously, and artistically.  Art has so much to do with the science of our souls.  It is the longing of the soul to make an expression of itself.

What is your expression?  What is your gift to the world?  You have many, you know?  We all do.  Take some time today and remember who you are...why you are here...and enjoy the goodness of your own soul.  Then come back tomorrow and let's see what we can accomplish TOGETHER.  Share the good and let the other fall away.  Don't give energy to the negative...remember;  "love hardly notices when it's been done wrong."  (The Bible)---Because it's love.  Real, true, love. 

I'm turning over new leaves everyday...and today is just the beginning.  Hop on and take the ride with me!!!

Much love, Cynthia

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Mini Quilt Fairy, In Purples & Greens!!!

Here's the latest creation, finished several days ago.  She needs to be signed's all the little details that get me!  But I will add a sewn signature somewhere...and then send her in to be published.  That's one of my main focuses right now; getting things published.  So that's where I'm at, and what I'm up to!  Would love to hear thoughts and comments from anyone out there!  Next post will talk about the latest Art & Soul Retreat that just finished up here in Hampton, Va., this past Monday.
Take care.  Cynthia