Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Self Portrait!

I just love her. It's a self portrait that is done with prompts from Jenny Doh's class, "Crafting My Best Life," on CRESCENDOh. I talked all about CRESCENDOh in an earlier post, http://creativelab.crescendoh.com/. It's an online format for mixed media type art classes. I just signed up a week ago, and am almost caught up with the project, just from sheer love and excitement!!!

I must say as well, that I have never, ever done a piece with meaning in absolutely every tiny part of it before...until now. It's pretty incredible, and something that hadn't occurred to me previously. But I realized how much thought our teacher had put into hers, and it was truly inspirational.

Some details: The background is a lovely green wash that gets brighter as it ascends. This is to convey a sense of sunshine in the great outdoors...mainly the green grass, weeds, dirt, and rocks of my youth. This is where I'm most comfortable, this is what reminds me of the goodness of life, of being a little girl, and playing with simple toys...like grass, weeds, dirt and rocks.

The pencil is because I think I knew I was pretty good at writing from a fairly young age, and that I love love loved books/stories! The paint brush is because I've always been somewhat crafty...I used to do ceramics when I was pretty little. I enjoyed it a whole big lot!

The hair is in pony tails like I used to wear, with these cool pom pom rubber bands, represented by the do dads in her/my hair.

The jewel on the forehead is to represent my third eye...it's to say I have always been a spiritual person. "Cherish" is there to remind me that we should all be cherished as children, as adults, as human beings.

There's more to it, but I'll leave it here for now.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!


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