Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday...give me some comments!

Here she is the hanger in her, but am not sure she should be called finished yet.  I wonder if she should have a little more hair in the open spots, and perhaps a message included somewhere.  Let's hear what you think!!!

Below is Poppy in progress!  From start to finish.

Her skirt was to be this in the beginning, and then I decided to add batting inside it, so had to cut another piece larger.  Somehow it ended up being the other fabric, but I think that was so she could have leopard stockings, and poppies in her hair!!!

I really like the color of her eyes here...though they became a much darker green in the end.  Maybe we'll try this color on another girlie!!!

Enjoy these as a little idea into how the process works, and give me some feedback on the --almost-- finished piece!!!


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