Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday...I missed Friday!!!

Well, I finally missed a day of posting! OOPs!  Oh well, not the end of the world.  And I'm still gonna keep up with daily posting.  It's really helping me keep to a bit of a schedule, which I haven't done in a million years! 

So, I did have lunch with my friend yesterday, and that was nice.  Then I went to a book exchange we have here, traded in some books and got two.  But the best part was talking to the store owner.  He is this really terrific guy that speaks my language!!!  We were talking about all kinds of neat subjects...and he has a wife that's into the same stuff, so hopefully my hubby and I will make some new friends....some like minded friends, of which I am in bad need.

I also went to my favorite outdoor market yesterday, Stoney's, on First Colonial Rd.  They have the place all decked out for Halloween...with tons of gourds, pumpkins of all sizes and the like.  It looks just gorgeous.  So, I'm planning on going over there today or tomorrow and taking some groovy photos.

It's a short one today...see you tomorrow.


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