Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mixed Media Art & Jewelry Classes

Mixed Media Art & Jewelry Classes
Click the classes offered link above to see all!

Something new!!!  I had a lot of fun making this one.  There's texture via modeling paste in the foreground and background...lots of collage flower items added in with my own painted flowers...all highlighted by chalks, which also helped to add depth to the piece.

YOU TOO CAN CREATE WONDERFUL COLLAGES....check out the classes link above!!!  Decide what you'd like to learn, then pop me an email.  originalcyn01@aol.com

 Make mixed media jewelry!!!

Learn to solder...make ornaments, fan pulls, and loads of other decorations for your home!

Learn how to free motion stitch and make these lovely little mini quilts...you need no previous knowledge of sewing or painting!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chihuahua Sweater from the Sleeve of an old Sweater!!!

Tico gets a new sweater!!!

This is my little homie...Tico.  He's tiny and adorable...and just got a new sweater thanks my sweater upcycling jag!  I simply took the bottom part of the sleeve of a sweater that was already pretty small (plus I had washed and dried it on hot)....measured an approximate length of how far back I wanted it to go on his body...cut off the bottom of the sleeve...measured how far up I wanted the slit to be underneath...cut it and sewed all the edges except the very back...which I still wanted to be rough.  Next I figured out approximately where his arm holes should go and carefully cut them.  Done, finito!!!  Simple and easy, fits great...(and he won't wee wee on it!!!)  Yay!  Now u try!

Word of the Day - ANGORA!!!!!!!

Do you love ANGORA like I love ANGORA???

Oh Angora...let me count the ways I love thee...

What do you think?  These are precious pillows upcycled from cast off sweaters.  How does it work?  I shop my local great salvage/thrift stores for treasures such as great sweaters that I can use to repurpose into new items for fresh use.

Am I picky with my items.  Absolutely.  And am I Phenomenally CHEAP....ABSOLUTELY!!!!! 

Why, because that's the only way you're ever gonna make it worth it economically...and I'd like to make it that much of a creative adventure all the way around.

I try to be cheap...we should say.  I have spent my time, spending so much extra money---that I didn't realize I didn't need to spend to get the same effect.  Now, with that being said, you also don't need to waste tons of time searching for 'bargins' cause then they end up not being bargins!!!!!

Yes, I try to be more decisive when shopping now so that I don't waste a lot of time or money.  That has been hard for me, but I really think I've come a long way with it.  I used to waste or spend more money just because it was there and I could.  Well, those days have been over for a long while now, and in fact, my purse just gets slimmer and slimmer....so that I must make the most of each and every purchase.

Also, I know it might be a turn off for some...buying anything from a second hand place, but rest assured, I wash all these in hot water and dry with lots of heat before using in my projects.  It shrinks the sweater material making it thicker for pincushions and pillows....and whatever else you can think of!!!  And who can argue...look how great these little pillows are!!!!

Thanks for stopping by today, more fun stuff with sweaters coming up!!!

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Friday, February 3, 2012

February - One Thing Leads to Another...

New things, new things!!!  I'm working again...at my art and craft.  A little luck at the Children's of the King's Daughter's Salvation Store on Virginia Beach Blvd., found me scoring among other things, great sweaters at half price.  I had been there innitially to get sweaters and things for the pincushions I make...when I saw some other nice sweaters that might make perfect pillows!!!  And I think I was right on this one!!!  I've been sewing little creamy angora pillows today....among others.  I ran out of stuffing real early in the game though...and only got this "Free Tibet," pillow (made from a sweater of mine) - mostly stuffed.  I'll have photos of the cute creamy ones later!!!

Still needs more stuffing, but you get the idea! 

Next, I had seen an adorable pink, cordoroy mini skirt hanging on the end of a rack while I was cruising the CHKD store.  I didn't buy it the first time I was there, but kept thinking of it and what a cute little purse it might make....so on my second trip, I didn't hesitate to pick it up.  I've had loads of fun with it today, adding all sorts of fun embellishments...just take a look!!!

Finally, while doing the drugery of cleaning and sorting out the studio, I worked on my
as I like to call them:)  There's a nifty store here at the beach (Virginia Beach) called Peace, Love and Balance, over in the Hilltop Center where we sell them! 

I am enjoying working with the local businesses and business owners.  Building great relationships that will be profitable for us both.  Also hoping to teach my FABRIC QUILT GIRLS CLASS in the area very soon.  Please let me know if you are interested!!!

Thanks for stopping by and
have a wonderful day!!!