Thursday, October 14, 2010's raining cats and dogs!!!

Good Day!

Hope things are going well for you today, wherever you are.  I was going to venture out of the house today, but it started raining, so I'll just stay here and work.  I've got several projects going anyway...and I need to finish 3 commissioned pieces. 

However, it ends up being a lot more than 3 finished pieces, just for the commissions.  It's cause I have a friend that wants me to make her a doll.  It's been a long time in the works, cause I don't usually make dolls for one, and I have somehow been stuck about it for another.  But, once I got back from Art Unraveled this year, I kind of got fixated on dolls a bit.  Have been working on a few different, it takes time.  Now I have 4 of one kind of doll probably more than half done, 3 of another kind very, very close to being finished (requires drilling!), one on unmounted canvas that I'm trying to finish today (I hope to post it later), and then I'm still not sure any of these will be what she had in mind.  She didn't give me much at all to go on, but I took it as her sort of trusting me to figure it out and do a great job anyway.  So, all that work needs to be finished in order to perhaps sell just one!  Art.  You gotta laugh!  But the projects will be done, and I'm actually hoping to see my stuff published this year. That's a big goal I have already set forth in achieving, so, I'll keep you posted!  Ok, off to work now...the rain has stopped so I won't have to be afraid of lightening at my studio window!


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