Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday...Posting NEW Shop Photos!!!

Hey there! I am so happy to finally say I have completed the studio reorganization and clean up!  This is for sure the cleanest and neatest everything has ever been in my studio.  I did some redecoration along the way, so it took a little longer.  But I must say I am blown away with the results.  It feels so great to finally have it done.  And I'm working on the rest of the house as well....almost completely done there too.  Yes, today was a long, solid day of 'gettin' it done.'  :)  So...

So tomorrow I'm treating myself to lunch out with my friend, Art, and a nice massage.  I definitley NEED a massage.  It's one of my favorite things.  And below are the fruits of my labor!!! see the BEFORE photos of my studio check out the September 29th post!  What a mess it was!!!

So cheers to putting out more work, and being organized enough to get further in work and life!!! 

Later, C

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Amy said...

LOVE your studio space!!!! WOW! I'm jealous!!!