Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 14 of 30 Days Of My Favorite ETSY Shops!!!!

The Nebulous Kingdom is today's fine choice!!!  This is a favorite of mine, just love the artwork and imagination!!!

Check it out!
C U Later, Cynthia

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Special Mini Quilt!

This mini quilt was inspired by Danita Art's Free Motion Quilting class on Crescendoh.  I had such a wonderful time taking this class...there was so much great information given by Danita.  Crescendoh is also a really neat place to visit and check out for anyone interested in art, crafting, and online classes.

The face in this piece was created by Danita and came with a kit we received.  The rest is all me!

The background of the piece was handmade by collaging on top of muslin fabric.  Embellishments and free motion stiching were added to the piece and it was then sewed onto dyed felt.  Finally, ribbons and a bamboo hanger were added!!!  Stay tuned for more of the little treats....I've had lots of fun making them!


Day 13 of 30 Days of My Favorite ETSY Shops!!!!

lilliputloft.....from Brisbane, Australia is today's choice. 
I love this little guy...he's so sweet!  And his trunk IS pointing up...for good luck!!!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 12 of 30 Days of My Favorite ETSY Shops!!!!

Nattyboho from Suffolk in the United Kingdom.  On ETSY. 

Lovely Huh? I love it!  Check out her fantastic work!!!

Hope your day is as wonderful as you are!!!  Believe it!!!


Day 11 of 30 Days of My Favorite ETSY Shops!!!!

Day ELEVEN aready!!!! We are more than a third the way there!!!! So stay tuned, the best is yet to come!!!!

What do we have today for your amusement? 

I love it! If you do too, check out the site!  Hope your days have been cheery and bright!  Cynthia

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 10 of 30 Days of My Favorite ETSY Shops!!!!

You're gonna love this pick!!! These are the cutest, sweetest little gumdrops of a teddy bear you've ever seen.  I fell in love from first sight and just had to have one.  They are made over in Spain ?, by ETSY shop knittingdreams.  Here are three of the little cuties!

Can you imagine anything much cuter than this??? I can't!!!
For the full selection of delectable bears check out:

See you tomorrow; same bat time, same bat station!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 9 of 30 Days of My Favorite ETSY Shops!!!!

Here's something light and pretty to sweeten up your day!!!  MGMart is the ETSY shop...and it's full of pretty little things.  Go check it out!

These tasy treats can be found at:

MGM artisan accessories by Marianna G. Mills

How sweet and delicate!  I am such a girlie girl!!!

Hope today is a great one for you...hope you are staying positive in the face of adversity, remembering to smile often, and share your many wonderful gifts with the rest of the world.  It is in bad need of them, and never forget it!!!

Peace, Cynthia

P.S. Here's a note below from the shop owner FOR A DISCOUNT THROUGH THE END OF FEBRUARY!!!

 "I would love to give a special gift to your readers Cynthia. Enter Coupon Code: OriginalCynDesign at checkout in my Etsy shop to receive 10% off until the end of February 2011."  Marianna

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 8 of 30 Days of My Favorite ETSY Shops!!!!

I know it's hard even get through the list of things that we must do everyday to keep our lives going.....but I ask the question today...What could YOU DO FOR 30 DAYS that might help your life or the life of another?  What -even a little thing- could you do for 30 days (pretty much in a row) to make a difference?  What if you did it?  How do you think you would feel?  How would "they" feel?  In what ways could it make a positive change in your life?

Ok.  Forget all that now.  Just for FUN!!! Pick out something, however large or small...(prob not good to get too carried away at first!)  And then just do it.  It's your thing now.  Until you get to day 30, it's your thing.  No matter what else comes and goes through the day, this is your thing that you will do each and every day.  Now, having said that, just because you miss a day, you will not quit!!!  This even shows further commitment!  You slipped one day...and hey, that is no big deal.  Now you're feeling better the next day, and you will continue on to see....

Not to see ...anything.  We are not expecting here.  We are just seeing.  What happens.  No expectations.  What fun we are having now!!!

Ok...I challenge you to do it if you feel so inspired, and I want you to let us know here...what you're doing and how it's going from time to time.  Be Inspired!

Now....on to our ETSY shop of the day!!!!  Drum roll please......Cart Before the Horse, by Contemporary Folk Art by Dylan & Jo

Fun Huh?  Go check em out...and think about that 30 days thing. 
Later, Cyn

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 7 of 30 Days of MY FAVORITE ETSY SHOPS!!!

Hi there everyone, we're on to another new and exciting ETSY SHOP!!!  What kind of candy have we today?  With what have we spiked the cool-aid?  You dare to ask, and I dare to answer.....well, here it is boys and girls (prob mostly girls)!!!!  Yes, pretty much EVERYTHING I LIVE AND BREATH IS FOR GIRLS/WOMEN!!!!

Cool Beans huh?  Love it! Guess it's the hippie girl in me!!!  Whatever...I do love me some color!!!!  Color is what puts the JOY in my life!!!  Hope you are having a terrific day doing whatever you are doing!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 6 of 30 Days of My Favorite ETSY Shops!!!

Hi there! Todays special shop is "primitivilyprecious."  I saw these cute little bunnies one day and had to do further research!!!  They are soooo cute and whimsical.  I hope you enjoy cruising around this little shop.  I sure have.

Are they cute or what???

Later, Cyn

Saturday, February 19, 2011

ETSY Egggstravaganza....and Let's Chat!

Hey there! Still supporting other artists on ETSY this month and today's pick is: "LueandSue"...
Check out their page...there's not a lot there now, but you can favorite it, and check back later too.  Cute stuff.

What a cute little thing!
I think I'm reverting back to childhood lately....I can't get enough of cute dolls!!!  It's fun and nurturing to the self.  We should always remember to be kind and gentle with the child inside us.  The critic is always waiting just around the corner to give us a hard time...don't let it.  ---And DO give yourself a pat on the back for all the amazing things you bring to the table each and every day.  Your life is meant to be LIVED WELL, ENJOYED OFTEN, AND SHARED FREQUENTLY.

Have a great one, Cynthia

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 4 of 30 Days of My Favorite ETSY Shops!!!!

Hi all! It was a very warm and sunny day here in Virginia Beach and I enjoyed it to the fullest.  I took advantage of the temperature to do some oil painting outside;  the fumes from the terpentine/terpenoid kill me, so I have to wait til it's nice outside. 

I started a Frida Khalo piece several years ago and have been too big of a chicken to take my brush back to the canvas and finish her.  We got pretty far today though (she and I), and when I repainted the background a deeper, darker shade of blue, the whole thing just popped!  I'm now very excited to finish her...she is looking quite lovely. 

I also got a lot of inspiration today from stopping by the Richard Stravitz Gallery right here (virtually) next to my house and seeing so many wonderful compositions.  Richard Stravitz does a large portion of the sculpture, and there are oil and various media of painting on both floors.  Look them up online and take a little ride over there if you're local.  It's worth it!

And then....Take a moment to enjoy your life...that's mucho importanto!!!

Here's today's favorite ETSY handmade goods!!!

Check out Christina Roeo's work at the link above.  And have a wonderful evening!  Cynthia

Thursday, February 17, 2011

More fun with ETSY!!!

I have been a giant fan of Danita Art for a while now.  And I just learned recently, that her whole name is actually Danita Art.  Art is her last name!!!! I didn't get it for the longest!!!!  But yes, she is surely a favorite of mine.  I check out her site more than any other just to see what cool tricks she's got going.  She has such a great imagination...I mostly just shake my head in wonderment!  Take a look!

Hope you have fun checking out ETSY!
Til tomorrow, Cynthia

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

30 Days of Sharing my Favorite Etsy Shops...What Fun!!!

So, yesterday was the first day of sharing....and today is numero dos!!!  I just bought a 'creepy cute' doll from this shop a few weeks ago to yes, again, decorate my shop!!! Of course I could deco my shop with all my creations, but, how boring would that be?  I love other influences...other artists and their ideas.  Check it out!!!

So cool...just saw this one when I went there to put up a photo.

Hope the day is treating you well, and you are remembering to spread the love this week, even when it's not so easy!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hi there! Hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!

Hope you are spreading the love to those you love this Valentine's Week!  Go that extra mile to make someone else smile....and see how good it feels.  It's ok to be a little cheesy and a little over the top!

Speaking of over the top...I want to give a link to my new Favorite Etsy shop, while continuing to give links and fun photos to my favorite sites.  I'm starting with, as I said, my new favorite,

alittlecatty  is the name of the shop, and I just love these dolls!  There's so much cute stuff on Etsy, I sometimes spend a few hours just looking through the site.  I'll find a shop I like, and click on their favorites.  It takes me Etsy is not just limited to the U.S.

I myself just bought three of these little cuties...for my studio.  I love to be surrounded by inspiration.
TTYL, Cynthia

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dream Quilt!

Mini Quilts!!!
A sweet little peach/green/cream mini quilt.  It is an art quilt ready for hanging, and for sale on my ETSY.  I'm having such fun making these quilts and there is much more to come so stay tuned!!! 

Thsi is a great little character that is not quite done yet...Manillo is her name, and she will be complete soon. 
Hope you all are having a wonderful New Year!  Cynthia