Saturday, August 27, 2011

Supporting the ARTS in Hampton Roads!!!

2011 Arts Guide: Masterpieces. On a budget.

The arts are an important part of our lives and our culture.


This doll was created for a tutuorial I wrote on Trisha Jacobs', Frenchkissed blog, that was posted today!  I had lots of fun integrating her delightful Vintage French Postcards into my fabric artwork this month of August, as she has hosted me to do a weekly tutorial.  I hope you will take a moment and check out her links...she posts often on her blog and has lots of interesting stuff on there, and she always has new and lovely French postcards and the like for sale as digital images.  It's quick and painless, and you'll have some really fun images with which to play. 

I plan on adding to the doll a bit more...but these things often take time.  I'll be sure to repost when I finish her though.  I'll be posting the tutorials on my blog in the following weeks, along with lots of other fun stuff, so stay tuned...and check out my ETSY shop for all kinds of fun gifts!  Thanks for stopping by:)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Make a Messenger Bag Out Of Trash Bags!!!

Check out this cool youtube video my good (and very artsy) friend Michelle Odom found today!!! I watched it and since I'm so focussed on fiber and fabric art right was really interesting to see what new materials (recycled even!) people are coming up with!!!  Check it out and have some fun!

Have a Great Day!  Cynthia

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Whimsical Mini Quilt!!!

Check it out!!!  It's a Vitage Postcard from Frenchkissed Postcards...links are located below.  Trisha Jacobs of Frenchkissed postcards has been kind enough to host me on her blog each Friday this month of August.  Every Friday I will be giving a tutorial on how to complete a neat mixed media piece of art with one of her fun old postcards which she also sell digitally on her sites.

The enlarged postcard was iron on transfered to muslin with "Artist's Transfer Paper," and this fun fabric photo was then enriched with acrylic paints, thread painting, ribbons, buttons and the like.  For the full tutorial visit Frenchkissed's blog!!!  She's got all kinds of goodies to look at, and tons of great she posts quite often.  Hope you enjoy, and have a great weekend!!!


Here are the links to check out:*

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Image Tranfer Mini Quilt - In PLUM!

Hi there!  I've been working quite hard and staying OFF THE COMPUTER lately so I can focus and get some things underway for Neptune Festival, only 6 short weeks away!!!  So I will keep it short and sweet:)  I am still the Artist In Residence for the month of AUGUST on the Frenchkissed Blog!!!  Each Friday I will post a complete tutorial on this lovely blog.  Here's a photo of the project from last Friday!!!

Pretty cool huh?  For more on this one check out the Frenchkissed Blog and her zibbet shop for all kinds of fun and flavorful Vintage French Postcards!!!  Have fun all!

Here are the links to check out:*

Thanks, Cynthia

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Artist In Residence!!! On Frenchkissed Blog!!!

Hey there!  I am doing something fun;  for the month of August, each Friday I will be giving a tutorial on how to complete a project using these wonderful Vintage French Postcards found on the Frenchkissed site at  If you love playing with old ephemera....if VINTAGE is your middle name....then you must not miss out on this fun little journey!!!  Tomorrow's first tutorial will be this upcycled canvas purse, adorned with fun fabrics, ephemera, and a Frenchkissed vintage postcard photo...which was transferred onto fabric.  Come check me and Trisha Jacobs (owner of Frenchkissed) out and let your friends know!!! 

Here are the links to check out:*

Thanks, Cynthia