Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Getting the Art Gig Together!

I have been working on "getting into the art field" for some time now...with no real direction, just trying this and that...whatever I thought might work. Nothing much has worked though, and it has given me cause to re-evaluate the situation.  And though I am still a bit lost in my quest to make a living doing what I love, I am still going to give it more time...and pick up my heels ...produce more, be more structured, ask for help, be disciplined in my work and marketing efforts. 

So, I am going to commit to writing about the journey everyday in this blog.  It will come as no surprise to those close to me that I have always loved writing and would love to write a book or two.  I think chronicling this adventure would assist in that pursuit.  Posting photos, and writing daily will help me keep up with my business progress as well.  Maybe you'll tune in and check it out and even contribute a comment here and there! 

I am also starting another blog to chronicle changing my life.  I have a deep desire to live a more full life and need a place to be somewhat accountable for that; though I am keeping that blog seperate (private) from this one, I do want to say here that I will be working on this project too.  Though this was written on the date posted above, I am now committing to it, as of my birthday, 9/16/10. 

More to come, Cynthia

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