Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Birthdayl!

Today is my 40th birthday.  So I'm up and going.  Just got a new couch today...I am on a track of trying to make my surroundings better.  More organizing.  Cleaning out the clutter...getting to where things feel clean, clear, and fresh. 

One of my first missions is to get published.  It seems to me that getting published was high on my list a long long time ago, and then I somehow got distracted from it.  I was making Halloween pieces for a deadline, and injured my back quite severely.  That kept me from making the deadline. 

"Spring Flowers"

So I went to the local Borders the other day and went through several of the mag's I'd like to get published in, wrote down the information, and realized I have 2 pieces that are perfect for one of the's called "Simple Pleasures."  I have a little girl holding flowers and another reading a book that are just perfect.  Here they are!  I'm off to write in my other blog 'secret' blog.  Here are the photos.
"Little Reader"

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