Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday....On an Upswing!

Mentally, I'm not on the upswing yet...still fuzzy headed and tired......but, physically doing much better.  I can't wait to do something or make something...just anything other than lying down and falling into a deep coma!  No, I take that back, not 'anything'.  I just looked at my studio and thought...neeeeeeeds cleaning!!! But I am not up for that much work yet.  It's one of those things that doesn't need to be done in baby steps needs to be done and over with all at once.  That makes me think....

You know that magazine, "Where Women Create."  I think they should put one really messy, crazy outta whack studio right at the end of every issue.  It's hard for me to exactly 'relate' to these super organized ---clean, prim, and proper studio spaces...though I wish for exactly that.  I just laugh.  :)  It's terribly funny to me.  And the disbelief!  That was the first thing that hit me...who's studio is this put together?  And I know there are some that are totally put together and kept straight....but for the life of me I can't see myself ever getting quite there. 

Yes, I can only hope to achieve a modicum of that organization some day. I work messy. My work is messy.  I like to make a mess.  It makes me feel good

Cleaning up the mess?  Not so much.  LOL.  Here's a good laugh below...MY STUDIO!

Pretty bad huh?  If you've got photos of your 'outta whack' studio, let's see um!!!  I'm so out of space...but am gonna try to figure it out soon.  I really cannot work like this...and like I said, I'd love nothing more than to have every little thing in it's place....maybe someday!!!!!

Later, C


ODD imagination said...

You've been moving things around a bit because it was rather neat and tidy the last time I was there. he he

Cynthia Elizabeth Anderson said...

It was all a facade!!! What really happened is I decided that I had to remove all the inventory from my living and dining room. And so here it be!!! An artful upchuck!!! I did lie too....I managed to get some painting done today in this nutty environment.