Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday, 9/21/10 - Good Morning!

Well, I'm still not getting to sleep early enough!  It's kind of crazy...I was so exhausted yesterday that I fell asleep around 7pm and woke up again at 9pm.  Thought I would just get up off the couch and go to bed...but ended up doing things and staying up til 1:40ish.  I have been doing much better about getting out and getting stuff done, so that's really good!  In fact, we took the doggies down to the beach yesterday for a long walk.  I hadn't done that in forever, and it's really silly not to, because the beach is so beautiful and inspirational.  And fresh air is key to getting out of brain fog!!!!

So...still organizing.  Rome wasn't built in a day people!  Also, decided that the tv keeps me too engrossed all the time...it's just my want of some noise to keep me company but it sucks me in, and I lose a lot of precious time watching shows and movies that I've either seen a thousand times, or have no business watching, for they surely aren't "helping" me move forward with my life!

That's why I decided to get an ipod.  I  figure CD's are so expensive...and changing them out takes time, etc....plus I can download guided meditations on the thing and use it when working out as well.  It's multifunctional...oh, it has a pedometer on it too...to help w/ tracking my daily exercise...love that.  I finally went to buy the thing yesterday and they were sold out.  So, I'll treck around a bit today and see what I can find.  I did pick up the cutest little docking station for it yesterday at Target.  It's small, portable, and mostly hot pink!  Love it. 

I find that music helps the daily processes along, and tv very much hinders my daily work, etc.

So, baby steps, little changes here and there will make my world what I want it to be.  It didn't get to this point overnight, and it won't get to where I want it overnight, but if I am dilligent, it will come to pass.

This is a little staged photo I did to use either in collage, for a banner, or as framed photos for the home.

Have a great day!  Cyn


Kathy said...

I agree about the TV. For awhile I was watching TV and doing artwork but I would find myself pausing for long periods of time while watching the TV. I still like watching house hunting type shows on HGTV, though!

Cynthia Elizabeth Anderson said...

Thanks for commenting Kathy. I remember once when I was working on decorating a large dress form, I watched a bunch of Project Runway. It was motivational and fun...I sort of felt like I was on the show with them. :) But mostly it is just too much of a distraction.

I still haven't downloaded songs onto my ipod yet, but I'm working on it. In fact, I'm going there now!