Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Post a Day!.....Organization!!!!!!

I want to do a post a day.  This is my top committment on the blog.  If I can't post once a day, then I can't get anything else together.  So this is the first step.  A post a day.  Here is today's post.

I need to organize.  I have always felt that I am a great organizer, however, I have not been able to organize my life.  I used to think that one shouldn't organize their life...but rather "go with the flow", and be "spontaneous."  That has gotten me a whole lot of nowhere.  Spontaneous should occur within a process of organization.  Meaning, I have an organized way about my day, say.  Then when I'm in a situation and something else wonderful could come from the situation, if I already have free time or have an appointment I can reschedule, that I am flexible to this....I want this.  This is spontaneous......

If I just have no plan and get up everyday waiting for the spontaneous to happen, well, I could be missing out on a whole lot.  You have to meet everything half way.  You cannot sit alone and just wait.  You tow your half of the line...and the other half will come to meet you.  And if you tow more, you'll receive more.

That's today's post.  Mucho Lovo...Cyn

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