Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friends from AU!

I had a most amazing roomie this year....we had a wonderful time together!  Her name is Carol Hines, and we'd never met b4 this Art Unraveled.  I have, in fact, had roomies at this thing for the past 3 years...and one in Texas for the Adorn Me retreat....all winners!!!! It's nice to have someone to pal around with when no one else is around, and share the things you made or the experiences of the day with.  Thanks Carol, you were great. 

I also ran into my rommie from last year, Emily Miller.  We had a great time together last year as roomies, we were almost like sisters in a way.  So glad we could catch up a bit....always good to see you!!!

To the wonderful couple, Erin and Michael you guys bunches...I always have the best conversations with you...and as far as living in the US goes, we couldn't be much farther away!!!!....Washington and VaBch.!!!  I guess that makes our time together just that much more special.  I saw where Michael was showing off again....winning the student art contest....some people!!!  LOL...wish I could have seen that'll have to post it somewhere...oh!!! 

A bunch of us went out one night to the Buffalo Chip, a bar, pub/dance hall, w band and complete with real live bull riding in the back yard!!!!  Loved it and had a blast.  Wanted to buy me a cowgirl hat and get up on that dance floor, but didn't, maybe next year.  Had a great time watching Rice Freeman Zackery and Earl cut a rug on the floor though.  What a colorful couple in every way!!!  So much fun was had people!!!

A yell out to all my long time buddies who are also awsome instructors that bear checking out!!!!  Michael DeMeng, Rebecca Brooks & (the sherpa) Bill, Susan Lenart Kazmer, Sherri Haab, Karen Michel, Carla Sonheim, Mike Jennings, Lisa Pavelka, Bett York, Jane and Richard Salley.

To my roomie Juliet...from 2 years ago....I owe you a face painting and it's on the way as soon as I find it.  I'm gonna send the original I painted in DJ Pettit's class that year...the one you saw up in our room, and was gonna send it b4 AU this year, but like I said, haven't located it yet!!!!  Mucho love!!!!


Kristin said...

Hi Friend!
I hope this message finds you well. Just wanted to let you know that I am on a new path now, thanks to the confidence to try faces in your class! When you can, check out my little bird (Mixed Media Monday piece) - another way to work with faces.
Kristin xo

Kristin said...

Hi again - just wanted to let you know that I linked to you again - my finished piece from your class is posted today. Thanks again and hope you are well,
Kristin xo