Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, 9/20/10 - Fairy Hats!

These are some cute hats I made way back in the day.  Have never done anything with them, so they are still sitting in my house.  They sit in a woven tray on top of a half wall and serve as something fun and whimsical on which we can frequently gaze. Will be posting them on ETSY pretty soon for sale. 

I started out by giving them a layer of gesso, both inside and out.  I wanted to paint the inside and have it look nice as well.  The kind of fairies I hang with don't want no half made junk!  I probably painted the outside first, though now I might start on the inside.  Doesn't really matter, whatever inspiration hits.  Next, I collaged the outside, and continued to add washes of color here and there as I went.  Certain embellishments were added with glue, others with matte medium.  Finally, I lacquered them with matte medium or satin medium, punched holes in the sides for the ribbon to tie around the chin; then added ribbons, flowers, etc., from the very tippy top! 

I always loved the pretty one Meg Ryan wore to tell her stories in, "You've Got Mail."  So that was part of the inspiration. 

Till Tomorrow, Cynthia

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