Friday, September 9, 2011

Using Creativity to Better Our World! Click the Video Link Below!!!

Why isn't there more of this in our world?  In America, obesity is taking over through poor choices which are largely made due to the vast amount of big business campaigns inundating us at every turn.  Instead of being presented with fun, creative, healthy choices....we are presented with easy way out value meals, diet pills, fast food drive-thru surgical proceedures, magazine covers touting the young and Barbie-doll beautiful, tv programs regaling bad behavior in a multitude of forms----everything in excess...partying, drinking, sexing, fighting, belittling others, immaturity, and promoting envy by glorifying lifestyles "of the rich and famous...or celebritous," which is more more and more common these days.  Promoting lifestyles that are just stupid, by the laws of nature.  ---I just saw on tv where someone had a 25,000.00 pair of sunglasses.  And people go hungry in the world every day.  So.....the point is....LET'S GET ON THE GOOD BANDWAGON....promoting the fun, creative, and healthy in our culture instead of letting ourselves be dictated to by big business.  Check out the's cute:)


pandamonion said...

love fun!

Cynthia Elizabeth Anderson said... glad to have u checking in!!!