Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Original Artwork Giveaway!!!!!

Hello dear hearts.  So glad to see you stopping by today, and hope all is well in your world!  Doing some social media marketing this morning and decided it was high time to have another giveaway!!! So here it is...the lovely "flower girl." 

This little lady was patterend after those in Kelly Rae Robert's book, "Taking Flight." 


1.)  Post this link on your facebook page/ in the feed
2.)  Tweet this link
3.)  Follow this blog
5.)  Visit my ETSY shop and leave a comment (here) about what item u liked best and why
For EACH of these 5 things above that you do, you will recieve one you can get up to 5 entries to win!!!  Simply post the url where you linked this blog in the comment section of this post so I can view it (or just tell me what u did).  THE CONTEST LASTS FOR TWO WEEKS, STARTING TODAY AT NOON, ENDING THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29TH, AT NOON.  TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS, AND SOMEONE IS SURE TO WIN!!!

Questions?  mail me at;

Happy linking all!!!



Suzanne and Marrianna said...

Here's my FB page/link:!/. I like the molds: So that's 2 entries for your blog giveaway. Great work.

Cynthia Elizabeth Anderson said...

Thanks for all your support!!!

pandamonion said...

hey cynthia..this is a great idea and I hope I win. She's got such style!

I went to facebook and liked and commented.

I'm not great at the social networking stuff so I don't know how to link and I don't tweet.

I am trying to get used to the blogging thing and have been following your projects.

Have checked out the etsy sight but I don't know how to comment on etsy. I think de-stashing is a great idea.

Cynthia Elizabeth Anderson said...

For Pandamonion: Hey! That's great! I'm so glad u are stopping in all the time...just love it! 1. When I say comment on the ETSY store, I mean, leave a comment here on this post about what u saw at the shop that u liked best. That'll get u another entry!!! And u might just win, cause everybody seems out to lunch the last few days!!! LOL.
2. I am going to write an e-course about blogging on blogger...and will be offering it here soon. I have learned sooooooooooooo very much about blogging, blog decoration, blog setup, linking, getting buttons for your your site, following other blogs and just networking the might as well offer up some useful info to the world! So u might wanna check that out eventually. Sometimes it's nice to have someone sort of spell it all out for us. I've learned many things over the computer that started out seeming like brain surgery...then someone basically took my hand and led me through it with baby steps...and I now really love that I can totally rock that thing I thought was so incredibly difficult in the beginning. Ok...ttyl, Cyn

Angelia said...

I have been working with my students on collage,mixed media art. Your piece here is a great inspiration. Good to find a blogger local to me here in VA, I am in Smithfield.

Cynthia Elizabeth Anderson said...

Awesome Angelina! Great to meet u! Hope you'll sign up to win...and spread the good word!!! thanks, Cynthia

Ann said...

oh..chance #3!!! the princess and fairies hat..because I am and I Believe and everyone needs to know!! love the frida jewelry and the altered shrines!! so mant wonderful items!!

Ann said...

oh goodness... i seee that my # 1 and # 2 entries didn't post properly!!

#1...posted on my blog..links back to this post!!!
#2..tweeted about your giveaway!

Ann said...

#4 cahnce..woo-hoo...following your blog!

Ann said...

#5..liked your facebook page! now..i'll just keep my fingers croseed!
thanks for the chances!
have a lovely and happy weekend1

Cynthia Elizabeth Anderson said...

Thanks Ann, that's so awesome!!! I went and checked out your blog...and joined. V. cool, look forward to connecting with u.