Monday, September 12, 2011

Goddess Leonie...Practical Help with Business & Life!!! Love It!!!

The Goddess Circle is an online sacred space with e-courses, meditations & kits to help you discover the creative, wise, joyful Goddess in you!

With each e-course, you’ll receive meditations, videos, guidance and projects. You also get access to a private online message board for you to share your journey with other Goddesses on the journey!  I am currently exploring the Business E-couse.  I have found it to be incredibly helpful already in so many aspects of business and marketing.  It's great to have so many of the questions I've had for so long about my business, what to charge for my art, how to sell, how to feel good about what I'm doing, how to market myself...and all this without spending a fortune!!! 

Over the last five years, Goddess Leonie has helped over a thousand women over the last five years discover the Goddess inside them.  She is helping me...and likewise I am helping others.  It feels good, and it's 100% for real.  Check it out, what have you got to lose?

Take care my Sweet Creative Friends!!!


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