Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Edwardian Girl Tea Party TUTORIAL!!!

Hi all! Cynthia Anderson, here again to take you on another little fabric journey! This week's tutorial is a fabric mini-quilt using Frenchkissed's "Edwardian Girl Tea Party " postcard. It was SEW MUCH FUN TO MAKE!!!

1. I took a sheet of TAP (transfer artist's paper) and printed the image onto it. I wanted the postcard to appear just as it did on the computer, so I first took it into my Photoshop program and 'flipped it horizontal' to keep the text reading in the right direction. After printing, I then adhered it to muslin by iron-on transfer. Mine here is about 8.5 by 10 inches. For some reason, this one came out a little purple-ish from my printer, so I antiqued it with a wash of Nickel Azo Gold (Golden's paints.) Next, I cut brown felt and batting to the same size as my muslin. I left 2 extra inches at the top to play with.

2. I layed down the felt, batting on top of this, muslin with photo on top of this. It makes a little fabric sandwich, which I then sewed together by using a basic straight stitch all around the photo.

3. I brought out the features of each of the characters by adding a little acrylic paint to their eyes, cheeks and so forth. Anywhere there was some faded color, I bumped it up a notch or two with my paints. 4. I thread-painted a few things into the photo such as, the trim to the tea pot, giant tea cup, top of doll's head and the flower doily on the table. I then found some ribbons that I used to frame the piece. After sewing the initial ribbons in place (as in previous photo) I found a quote that I thought fitting for this particular photo, printed it out on printer fabric paper, color washed it with pink acrylic and sewed it to the top. I then found the white and silver ribbon and added that around the borders. 5. I bunched up some cut black sheer ribbon and made a little bow tie for the dog, which I machine sewed into place. Next, I added a pink flower to the little girl's hair, by hand sewing it on. I had an old piece of fabric with sequins that used to be something to wrap around one's neck. Since I never use it anymore, it looked perfect to repurpose for this project. Strips were cut at the same length and sewn into place. 6. Lastly, I punched a hole in the fabric sandwich on either side of the top so I could add fabric buttons with metal brad attachments on their backs. A bamboo stick was added through the top loops and voila: another adorable fabric creation!!! Happy Wednesday, and happy crafting all!!!
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