Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Peel"---Artist Paints Tangerine, Then Peels with Painting...

I have been thinking more about my sweet little blog lately and how much I love much I have already shared through all these posts and how much more I would like to share. 
I was SO inspired just thinking about this little home of mine on the internet.  I once heard someone describe blogs as 'peoples' front porch' on the internet--you know, the way they sort of decorate them, fix them up.  I think of my home page as the front porch, and the rest of the site, a home filled with rooms and rooms full of goodness. 

When you look around your home, there are all sorts of 'things' there....all the little things that chronicle a life.  My blog is my CREATIVE HOME...and it helps me chronicle where I've been as an artist, the things and people that I love and that inspire me as an artist, and it helps me figure out where I might be an artist, and a human being.

It's called, "Peel," and the artist first paints a tangerine, and then peels it by painting.  It doesn't last that's sped up....and is VERY, VERY COOL.  Go there NOW and check it out for fun:)  Would I steer you wrong????  Enjoy.  And share some other stuff with us in the comments if you find something cool!!!
Click on the link below, then click video, when the photo appears.

Later!  Cyn

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