Sunday, November 21, 2010

More NY...Firefighters anyone???

Yeah, this guy in front was a real cutie in particular.  I thought my photo would be blurred as we were riding by on bike carts...but guess I got lucky:)

 Street flowers...I just love flowers sold on street should see it in Thailand.  They have tons of flowers for cheap!!!
Fur Protest!!!
Love it.  We just happened upon it...they were in front of some store that sells furs...I can't remember the name though, and don't want to site it wrong.  Good for you guys, stop the senseless killing of animals, and animal cruelty.  I'm all for that.

So.  Working more on projects.  It's never as easy as you'd wish it.  I've had more sewing machine problems and the like, but am learing a lot.  And I love sewing the little girl figures.  It's also provoked some sketching, which is always a good thing!!!

I'll add some photos of new stuff to the next post!  Take care!  Cyn

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