Monday, November 8, 2010


For right now, she's my little 'Cutie Pie.'  Created with complete inspiration from Danita's online class, "Free Motion Personas," on Crescendoh.  Look them up for a wonderful source of online courses!  I've taken two already, and they are so much fun, and so insightful.  The major difference in my doll here, is that I painted it after stitching it.  She just screamed out, 'paint me!' and I said, "ok!"  (Later after posting this, I have seen Danita paint on her quilts.)

I am totally ready to sew a bunch of these, however, am having technical problems!  My sewing equipment is having problems.  So, trying to work that out, and get back on track.  Otherwise, still working like crazy making this art gig go!!!  I'll keep you posted.

Til tomorrow!  Cynthia


ODD imagination said...

She is so CUTE and even better in person!

Cynthia Elizabeth Anderson said...

Oh...I sat a little ribbon on top of her head, and bam! 1000 times better!!! I think she's a keeper for me!!!! Thanks for checkin in dollface!