Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to start a blog, Part Two!

Hi there!  Welcome to Part Two of tips and tricks for blogging, with blogger.

Now that you have your account, and have decided on a blog name, you are ready to continue to part two.  Also, if you have been looking around at other blogs, you are getting a better idea of what you might like for your blog.  Knowledge is power!!!

If you find blogs that you like now, I'd recommend you favorite them.  This will make it easier later on when you want to add them to your "blogs I follow."
If you're anything like me, you desire some semblance of a setup on your main page.  So, here's how to begin.

3. Get your template.

Click on Design.  Directly underneath the Design tab, click Template Designer.  Choose a template, whatever you like for now.  I had a photo of mine I wanted to use in the header/banner area, so I color co-ordinated my template with that.  If you'd like to start off with the sides and banner like mine, then just pick the 'watermark' template for now and choose the tan background on the row below that, then I'll show you how to fix it up later.

Click Apply to Blog in the upper right hand corner, and then click on View Blog.  You should see the watermark page setup with the tan color behind it, and there are some birds flying on the top right of the page, or if you chose a different page, you'll see that.  Don't worry too much about this, if it's not just right, go ahead with whatever setup you've got.


4. Download a header photo, type in your blog name.

Click on the Design tab again.  Click edit on the Header box.  In here you can either download a photo, type the name of your blog for the header, or both.  Just follow the prompts.  I use photoshop 7 to tweak my photos, and when I save them for the web I do it this way:  Click file, save for web, click the arrow to the right of the GIF or whatever type photo it is.  Next, hit JPEG, then maximum below that.  Click OK.  Then name the photo.  Now it's saved for the web.  You can go and get this photo through the blog design template and add it to your site.

To download the photo, click browse, find the photo and add.

5. Adding Pages

Underneath the header, you can create other pages for your blog with a variety of other information on them.  When you need to edit these pages, go to where you would write a new post, and click edit pages in the tabs up top.

Look at my pages for an example.  I wanted to show my artwork, categorizing jewelry from artwork, supplies, and a separate page about a certain doll I offer in supplies.    Ok.  Let's move on to bigger and better.

You've got your HEADER, your PAGES, and you've seen the obvious New Post button, where you can write, save/ publish new posts. 

6. A Photo of You, and then 'About You'

Click on Dashboard, then click Design.  Now click Edit on the 1st box on the right under the pages.  Now click the option in the box to add a picture.  Add a photo of you here.

Now, click Edit in the next box under your new photo.  Inside the selection box, choose the option to add text.  Now add your info, or whatever you want.  Continue on down the page in this same way.  You can see the things that I added to my blog;  'Blogs I Follow,' 'Followers,' etc.  You don't have to add blogs now, you can just make the box, and then go back and do it later.

You've probably pretty much gotten the hang of it by now.  So, if you'd like to get fancy and add a beautiful header and borders, then look for the link at the top right of my blog page that says "Backgroundfairy."  Click that link, and here you will be able to pick something nice from a variety of fun stuff for your blog.  I call it redecorating the front porch.  I think it can be a big attraction...a nice front porch.  You can add the top header and then add your blog name through blogger, or you can take the header into photoshop (as I did) and tweak it real nice like for optimal results. 

That's it for now.  I hope this helped, and now that you guys are all caught up with me, go find some fun blogs to follow.  Oh...you can check to see who's posted something new in the blogs you follow by clicking on 'Sign In' on the homepage. Scroll down a bit to 'reading list' tab.  Click 'blogs I'm followin' if it's not already showing.  You can see the title of what someone has posted...and that will help decide your interest or lask thereof in reading the entire post.  It's a quick way to keep up with those you follow, vs. going to each and every blog to see who has posted something new.

I will be continuing on the blogging journey and am checking out a Flicker addition, among other things.  I'll keep you posted in the future with more installments of "Tips and Tricks for Blogging with Blogger."  Like I've said before, if you have questions, never hesitate to post and ask.  Thanks for checking us out here!!!


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