Thursday, October 13, 2011

"When it is Dark Enough, You Can See the Stars," Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sometimes things hit us- disappointments, dark days, loss, depression....sometimes we are finally hit so hard that once the heavy storm starts to lift, everything becomes crystal CLEAR....we can FINALLY SEE THE STARS. 

photo from
Lake Tepako, New Zealand

It's all too easy these days to LET ONESELF spin down a tube out of control, letting this chaos continue to gain momentum towards some horrible outcome all because we can't let go....of the past, of anger, of hurt, of perceived wrong-doing.  In the end we are allowing and actually HELPING the very things we say we detest....the things we believe are not productive for us as a posses us, making us just like them (jealous, angry, envious, lazy, small minded, greedy, addicted, mean, disrespectful...).  Thus, we throw away our true potential and become enslaved in a prison of our own making, adding to the demise of ourselves individually, as a species, and as a planet.

It's only when we reach a certain destination...things look hopeless, we realize it's change or die...that we finally decide to STOP, take INVENTORY of our lives, and make a change.  It's no wonder we get so lost in this world as well, being inundated with all the propaganda we see everyday...the greed of big business dictating what we buy, where and who from....the ads, tv commercials, billboards, advertising false deliciousness in every mouthful of fast food that is only seconds away on most every corner in our country.  The envy of celebrities and all they have, that is heavily propagated in our country every moment in a thousand different ways.  It leads us to WANT, AND WANT, AND WANT....we want to FILL A PERCEIVED HOLE IN OURSELVES...but all the stuff in the world (shoes, purses, necklaces, clothes, diamonds, cars, homes, vacations) will never fill that hole.  We have become the 99% being led around by the 1% on chains with rings through our noses.  We are living in ZOMBIE-LAND....and whenever we awake for a few seconds to what I like to call "THE REAL," we quickly put ourselves back to sleep because it all seems too overwhelming....too much to deal with...."others aren't complaining, so why should I ostracize myself thus?", we say, and go straight back to our caves, and put those blinders back on.


Just think about it....and leave a comment dear hearts, I'd love to hear from you because, I'm writing this just for you and for me today, tomorrow and the rest of our lives:)

All My Best,


Anonymous said...

Excellent writing! Thank you. Got my carrots, already have beets and celery and applies. Even have some frozen fruit. All ready for some excellent juicing to clean things out and be ready for more healthy choices. Thank you.

Cynthia Elizabeth Anderson said...

Awesome Marrianna! So glad! I had a little meltdown yesterday...that I'm gonna write about. It's all part of the process...and women with our little mood swings at certain times....makes it just that much harder. But I'm right at the beginning of this and having so many insights into it all. I am truly excited to share!!! Stay tuned girlfriend!