Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Plum Colored Mini Quilt/ Vintage Postcard Tutorial!!!

Hi again all! Here is a great little mini quilt tutorial, giving step by step instructions on how to make your very own.  So let's get to it!!! Step One: Choose the Frenchkissed postcard that most inspires you. If there is text to consider (like on the one I used* ) then you need to take the scan into Photoshop or a similar photo-editing program and go to "Image/Rotate Canvas/ Rotate Canvas Horizontal."
Next, print this onto a sheet of transfer paper, much like what you'd use for a T-shirt transfer. There are many on the market. I suggest that you play with them and find the one you like best. For this transfer I've used Lesley Riley's TAP, Transfer Artist Paper.
Step Two: Cut a piece of muslin fabric to desired length and width. If you are unsure, leave yourself some room to work with. Iron and transfer your image to the muslin. I like to center mine and then add fabrics and the like all around it.
Step Three: Cut felt backing and batting to match your muslin piece. Lay down the felt, then the batting and finally your muslin with photo on top. At this point, if you have a woman with a face (like I have) or any image you'd like to bring the details out in, then get out a bit of paint and do just that. In this example, I painted in her eyeballs, cheeks, lips and hair. It made all the difference!!! Step Four: Gather some matching fabric scraps, ribbon, trim, lace --whatever you'd like to add to frame the focal piece. For this example, I used ripped strips of remnant fabric, ribbon and Angelina fibers.
I stayed within the same color family, using mostly purples, plums and pinks. You can do as you like, to suit your taste and color palette. Experiment to see what really makes magic for you!!! Finally, sew your strips down the sides and layer. Step Five: Working with 'Angelina Fibers.' If you are not familiar with them, don't worry, neither was I! A quick search on the Internet will tell you more, but I'll tell you how I used mine here. I took parchment paper and sandwiched the fibers between the sheets. I layered several colors of the fibers over one another, but had the most fibers the same color as the overall piece. Next, I sprayed the back of this little fiber sheet with quilt basting spray, just so I can get it to lay in place.
Step Six: Place the darning or free motion foot on your sewing machine.
Begin at one corner of where you are adhering the Angelina Fibers, and just start making a pattern of curves, curling and curving here and there. Try to relax and find a Zen moment here. Be completely into the process of what you are doing, and lose yourself in it for a few minutes. It feels real nice and there's no rush.
Also, I like to set my machine speed a little lower for this so that I am not rushing through and I do not feel rushed by the speed of the machine. You will develop a feel for it quite quickly. Step Seven: To finish, free motion stitch around the figure. Add more Angelina Fibers to the top of the piece, and a little trim to the bottom. I didn't have trim that would match this piece, so I washed it in acrylic paint and water. You can hang the piece by adding a little loop of fabric to the back. Simply place it where you want it, and then turn the piece back over and free motion stitch the bottom of the loop onto the fabric. And voila: a lovely little piece to decorate your home! Happy crafting all!!!
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Cynthia E. Anderson
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