Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Free Original Art Giveaway WINNER!!!

Allright, there were 7 participants is this great giveaway....thanks so much for your participation.  I have put the entries in a bowl and am about to mix them up real good, and pick one.  Drumroll please......and the winner is:  KingdomKards!!!  You did an awesome job spreading the word, so you and one other had the most chances...and YOU GOT IT!!! 

I'll be sending it out as soon as I get your address!  Thanks again to all who came, saw, commented and participated is surely appreciated!!!! 

Take care and tune in later for more on my HORRIBLE SHOW WEEKEND!!!!  Maybe I'll save u from LOADS OF COSTLY MISTAKES!!!  Stay tuned!



ODD imagination said...

I'm trying to clean up my blog roll so I won't miss your posts any more! I have way too many blogs on my list. LOL
Hugs to you!

pandamonion said...

I'm so sorry that your weekend at Neptune Festival was an unhappy one. I know you worked hard to get ready for it and had wonderful things to offer. Such a disappointment...but on to better things!


Cynthia Elizabeth Anderson said...! I know how it gets! Hugs back, u r so great!!! Ellen: thanks so much for that...I really appreciate the fact that you came to see me and how supportive u (both) have been. Thanks a million:)