Thursday, February 17, 2011

More fun with ETSY!!!

I have been a giant fan of Danita Art for a while now.  And I just learned recently, that her whole name is actually Danita Art.  Art is her last name!!!! I didn't get it for the longest!!!!  But yes, she is surely a favorite of mine.  I check out her site more than any other just to see what cool tricks she's got going.  She has such a great imagination...I mostly just shake my head in wonderment!  Take a look!

Hope you have fun checking out ETSY!
Til tomorrow, Cynthia


Hello! I'm Danita. said...

Hello! thanks for putting me here! You have a nice blog!

Cynthia Elizabeth Anderson said...

It is my pleasure to help share your work with others ANY TIME!!! You have been and continue to be a huge inspiration for me, your work is so very imaginative, words do not do justice. Your work MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY....I KNOW THAT!!! So thanks so very much for all you do!