Monday, February 14, 2011

Hi there! Hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!

Hope you are spreading the love to those you love this Valentine's Week!  Go that extra mile to make someone else smile....and see how good it feels.  It's ok to be a little cheesy and a little over the top!

Speaking of over the top...I want to give a link to my new Favorite Etsy shop, while continuing to give links and fun photos to my favorite sites.  I'm starting with, as I said, my new favorite,

alittlecatty  is the name of the shop, and I just love these dolls!  There's so much cute stuff on Etsy, I sometimes spend a few hours just looking through the site.  I'll find a shop I like, and click on their favorites.  It takes me Etsy is not just limited to the U.S.

I myself just bought three of these little cuties...for my studio.  I love to be surrounded by inspiration.
TTYL, Cynthia

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