Saturday, February 19, 2011

ETSY Egggstravaganza....and Let's Chat!

Hey there! Still supporting other artists on ETSY this month and today's pick is: "LueandSue"...
Check out their page...there's not a lot there now, but you can favorite it, and check back later too.  Cute stuff.

What a cute little thing!
I think I'm reverting back to childhood lately....I can't get enough of cute dolls!!!  It's fun and nurturing to the self.  We should always remember to be kind and gentle with the child inside us.  The critic is always waiting just around the corner to give us a hard time...don't let it.  ---And DO give yourself a pat on the back for all the amazing things you bring to the table each and every day.  Your life is meant to be LIVED WELL, ENJOYED OFTEN, AND SHARED FREQUENTLY.

Have a great one, Cynthia

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