Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 8 of 30 Days of My Favorite ETSY Shops!!!!

I know it's hard sometimes...to even get through the list of things that we must do everyday to keep our lives going.....but I ask the question today...What could YOU DO FOR 30 DAYS that might help your life or the life of another?  What -even a little thing- could you do for 30 days (pretty much in a row) to make a difference?  What if you did it?  How do you think you would feel?  How would "they" feel?  In what ways could it make a positive change in your life?

Ok.  Forget all that now.  Just for FUN!!! Pick out something, however large or small...(prob not good to get too carried away at first!)  And then just do it.  It's your thing now.  Until you get to day 30, it's your thing.  No matter what else comes and goes through the day, this is your thing that you will do each and every day.  Now, having said that, just because you miss a day, you will not quit!!!  This even shows further commitment!  You slipped one day...and hey, that is no big deal.  Now you're feeling better the next day, and you will continue on to see....

Not to see ...anything.  We are not expecting here.  We are just seeing.  What happens.  No expectations.  What fun we are having now!!!

Ok...I challenge you to do it if you feel so inspired, and I want you to let us know here...what you're doing and how it's going from time to time.  Be Inspired!

Now....on to our ETSY shop of the day!!!!  Drum roll please......Cart Before the Horse, by Contemporary Folk Art by Dylan & Jo

Fun Huh?  Go check em out...and think about that 30 days thing. 
Later, Cyn


Jo James said...

Thanks for shining the spotlight on our creations :)

Cynthia Elizabeth Anderson said...

It has been my pleasure....it's like candy!!!!