Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 4 of 30 Days of My Favorite ETSY Shops!!!!

Hi all! It was a very warm and sunny day here in Virginia Beach and I enjoyed it to the fullest.  I took advantage of the temperature to do some oil painting outside;  the fumes from the terpentine/terpenoid kill me, so I have to wait til it's nice outside. 

I started a Frida Khalo piece several years ago and have been too big of a chicken to take my brush back to the canvas and finish her.  We got pretty far today though (she and I), and when I repainted the background a deeper, darker shade of blue, the whole thing just popped!  I'm now very excited to finish her...she is looking quite lovely. 

I also got a lot of inspiration today from stopping by the Richard Stravitz Gallery right here (virtually) next to my house and seeing so many wonderful compositions.  Richard Stravitz does a large portion of the sculpture, and there are oil and various media of painting on both floors.  Look them up online and take a little ride over there if you're local.  It's worth it!

And then....Take a moment to enjoy your life...that's mucho importanto!!!

Here's today's favorite ETSY handmade goods!!!

Check out Christina Roeo's work at the link above.  And have a wonderful evening!  Cynthia

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