Thursday, February 9, 2012

Word of the Day - ANGORA!!!!!!!

Do you love ANGORA like I love ANGORA???

Oh Angora...let me count the ways I love thee...

What do you think?  These are precious pillows upcycled from cast off sweaters.  How does it work?  I shop my local great salvage/thrift stores for treasures such as great sweaters that I can use to repurpose into new items for fresh use.

Am I picky with my items.  Absolutely.  And am I Phenomenally CHEAP....ABSOLUTELY!!!!! 

Why, because that's the only way you're ever gonna make it worth it economically...and I'd like to make it that much of a creative adventure all the way around.

I try to be cheap...we should say.  I have spent my time, spending so much extra money---that I didn't realize I didn't need to spend to get the same effect.  Now, with that being said, you also don't need to waste tons of time searching for 'bargins' cause then they end up not being bargins!!!!!

Yes, I try to be more decisive when shopping now so that I don't waste a lot of time or money.  That has been hard for me, but I really think I've come a long way with it.  I used to waste or spend more money just because it was there and I could.  Well, those days have been over for a long while now, and in fact, my purse just gets slimmer and that I must make the most of each and every purchase.

Also, I know it might be a turn off for some...buying anything from a second hand place, but rest assured, I wash all these in hot water and dry with lots of heat before using in my projects.  It shrinks the sweater material making it thicker for pincushions and pillows....and whatever else you can think of!!!  And who can argue...look how great these little pillows are!!!!

Thanks for stopping by today, more fun stuff with sweaters coming up!!!

Have a great one,


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