Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chihuahua Sweater from the Sleeve of an old Sweater!!!

Tico gets a new sweater!!!

This is my little homie...Tico.  He's tiny and adorable...and just got a new sweater thanks my sweater upcycling jag!  I simply took the bottom part of the sleeve of a sweater that was already pretty small (plus I had washed and dried it on hot)....measured an approximate length of how far back I wanted it to go on his body...cut off the bottom of the sleeve...measured how far up I wanted the slit to be underneath...cut it and sewed all the edges except the very back...which I still wanted to be rough.  Next I figured out approximately where his arm holes should go and carefully cut them.  Done, finito!!!  Simple and easy, fits great...(and he won't wee wee on it!!!)  Yay!  Now u try!


ODD imagination said...

OMG! Tico is adorable in this sweater!

Cynthia Elizabeth Anderson said...

He ended up wiggling out of it and I didn't find it til bout a month later, down in the couch cushions!!! He hid it well!!!