Friday, January 13, 2012

To Walk with Grace....

In the cactus garden, Phoenix, AZ.

In another edition of "The Art of..." series, today we are examining the Art of Walking with Grace. 

Yes, often times it's much easier to find the beauty and grace in a plant than in some of our fellow man.  We all have days where things don't go right and we get a little frustrated....we all have days where we're just off.  And you know what, that's ok.  We are only human, we will continue to make mistakes til our deaths because of it, but our best choice is always to come back to the thought of, "I walk with grace through this life."  Does that mean you are expected to be perfect?  Absolutely not.  What is does mean, is that when you screw up, you are the first to admit it, own to it (take responsibility for it), sincerely appologize for it...and move on.  It means that as you apporoach each situation in your life, you do so with kindness and consideration. 

It is easy and petty to dig into another's psyche and pick away wherever you may find fault, while it is sometimes difficult yet uplifting to find what is right and good about this person or situation and dwell in the possibility of that.  In fact, the more you change your attitude and see the positive, the good, what's right about others, the more naturally at ease you will become with doing it.  It will have become a good habit.  And you will be weaving the tapestry of your life with harmony and style (no more big bump and lumps!!!)

So today, remember:  Grace will get you there with ease and beauty, don't fight the river, flow with it.

Take care and have a gorgeous day wherever you are!!!


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