Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Starting the year off right!!!! 

Well, I am not that big on resolutions, because they always seem like empty air.  However...I've been in the spirit this New Year, of cleaning and clearing away all the excess in my life.  That is really such a great way to say it, because that's what I mean in every aspect.  Thus, it is in this spirit that I am making some resolutions....ones I actaully want to do and believe I can and will follow!!!

So what are these resolutions?  Maybe they're more like a list of things....

1.  Clean out a large portion of clutter.  ie...things that haven't been used in years and years need to go. As a mixed media artist, I have accumulated so many things.  And now that I have focussed my artwork more, the need is there to get rid of a lot of things that just prevent me from getting more done.  You know, every time I have to look through a bunch of stuff to find one thing....I'm wasting my life essence!!! 

And so it goes for everything in our homes and lives.  Let's gather the things we don't use, and we truly know we won't use...and give it to someone who will benefit, right?  Why not?  Why let those cans of food go out of date, why struggle through mounds of clothes every day trying to find the few that fit, why shuffle around all the "whatever it is" that's cluttering up your life when u could simply give it away to others who will be able to benefit?  So this is the resolution.  There is so much STUFF in my HOUSE that I just can't  be bothered with anymore.  It's stuff I'm hoarding (you could look at it that way, cause there's not the room) and it's not getting used!!!!! 

So on this one resolution alone, I have cleaned out my studio closet, ready to give a bunch of fun stuff to artists I've connected with here in Virginia Beach, ---a bunch of books which have just been collecting dust for years....I love my books and still have a bunch, but wow it felt great to re-organize them all and let go of so many that others will benefit from.  Next, my tiny bedroom closet.  I segregated the clothes and stored them away, threw some away, saved some for sewing projects, and donated the rest. 

For another fun piece to the organizing of my life, I cleaned off my old computer (just got a new one, but u don't need a new one for this cleaning exercise), transferred the pertinant files to the new one....and gave the old one to my hubby---which, it seemed destined for the dump b4 Christmas, and after my own overhaul of cleaning it working like a dream!!! 

I still plan on cleaning off a ton of photos that are not necessary in the near future...I take a lot of photos for my ETSY shop, blog, etc....and there ends up being an extraordinary amount of junk left over.  I then get caught up in whatever and do not bother to clean it out.  Which, leads to more time spent sifting through photos when I really need waste of my precious time. 

Lesson Learned:  Clutter Devalues Your Precious Life!!!!!  

Detach from material things....all that comes can go...and oh so swiftly.  Once you start to clean and clear your life and your will immediately find more peace.  More to come on life lessons and resolutions.

Much love,

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