Friday, January 6, 2012

A Good Night's Sleep

Resolution #3 - A Good Night's Sleep!!!

Hi there!  I'm still on the 'doing better' train:)  However, my sleeping is way off!!!  I think that at the heart of it, it's just another bad habit I've adopted that must be squelched!!!  So....I'm going to start doing some things to hopefully help me out!
Sleep is so completely important to our overall health, but it's something that is rarely considered.  In fact, good sleep will help you begin your day with a running start, whereas bad sleep (or little sleep) will put you at a deficit from the git go!!!

There are a myriad of things one can do to help improve their sleep, and/or get to sleep easier.

1.  Exercise
2.  Get up at a decent 8am.
3.  Try not to nap
4.  Do your nightly 'routine' (shower, face wash, brush teeth...all of that) a couple of hours before laying down to sleep. 
5.  Rid your bedroom of any and all lighting (digital lights, etc.) want it BLACK IN THERE!!!  If you have a digital light clock...set it and put a t-shirt over it.  Or get a good sleep mask.
6.  Rid your sleep area of any pesky noises that might keep you awake.
7.  Make sure you have a comfortable temperature in your room, get a fan or extra blankets, whatever you need to be completely comfortable.
8.  If you have issues with your back, or matress, you may want to invest in a new one, and perhaps try out a feather bed topping for your matress.  I used to have one, and I never wanted to get out of that bed:) 
9.  Get in the bed at least an hour before you want to be asleep, turn off the tv 1/2 hour before you wish to be asleep. 
10.  If you've tried all this and still have trouble, check into some melatonin from your local health food store.  It's something that occurs naturally in the body, and yours may be a little low!

These are some of the tips and tricks I could think of, if you have some good ones, please add them here in the comments!!!

Take care, I'm off to actually do some artwork, for it has been waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy tooooooo looooooong!!!!  I'm going into artsy/craftsy dt's!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, all my best as always!!! And hey, take care of yourself, there's only one you and WE NEED YOU IN THIS WORLD!!!



Anonymous said...

My sleep got out of whack over the holidays. This week was a short work week & busy outside of work. Next week it's up at 5 am no excuses! It is my favorite time of day!

Cynthia Elizabeth Anderson said...

Wow Sloane, 5am is tough for me, but that's cause I can't seem to get myself to bed earlier. thus the need for exercise!!! Glad u stopped in, always great to hear from you!

Cynthia Elizabeth Anderson said...
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