Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Beginnings...

Well, I guess I see what a fitness challenge on the blog results in;  me just not writing at all!  I have flunked out on my latest challenge (a walk a day for 30 days.)  So, I'm going to have to regroup and begin again at a later date.  Don't worry, I'm not giving up, but for now, I want to get back to blogging daily, and making some artwork.

I've been working on more free motion quilting, making little girl characters and the like.  I do however, have 3 commissions that I need to get started.  One is a geisha doll for my friend Kim.  I started a head for the thing a long while back, but have lost it in this mess of a studio...and desire to just begin again.  I don't know if I'm making a real 'doll' or if I should make a flat quilted doll with a little 3-d hair action.  I'm going to do a little sketching and gathering of materials in the studio (ones I CAN find) to help me figure it out.  Putting these comissions off is NOT AN OPTION!!!

Ok...I'm off to work, and will have photos to post soon!!! 

Have a great day, and Go Big Blue...Kentucky Wildcats!!!! Yeah Rah!


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