Friday, March 18, 2011

Are Craft Shows Worth It? TWO

Here's another thing I think I may have discovered through a friend:  maybe I've been doing the wrong type shows.  There are art shows, art n craft shows, and craft shows.  The MAJOR DIFFERENCE IS THIS:  PEOPLE GO TO ART SHOWS TO BUY ART....AND PEOPLE GO TO ART N CRAFT SHOWS TO BUY CHEAPER TID seems to me.  There can be a whole lot of discrepancy between 'arts' and 'crafts' and what all that means.  Is an art a craft, is a craft an art?  Depends, doesn't it!  On what exactly can be hard to pin point. 

Especially if you are a new in any is hard to have the confidence to just start applying for art venues....shows and galleries.  I have never gone to a gallery to try and sell my work.  However, this now seems like the best idea for me.  Make your art and let someone else sell it for you.  Like it!!!  I know they take a percentage, but they will most likely be able to sell the piece for more money than if you sold the piece somewhere you won't incur all the expenses of doing a show...which are generally quite large.  You can still try to do free shows, and less expensive shows...this will help spread the word about your artwork, and draw people to your website, online presence, or gallery shows.  It will also help you connect with other artists, where you can ask them questions about what shows are best to do, and which galleries are the best to work with.  You may even be able to 'share' a booth with another artist to lessen expenses.  These are all viable ideas. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and that it was helpful.  If you have anything you'd like to add, please do so!!!

Have a great day now!  It's sunny and gorgeous here in Virginia Beach!!!

Peace Out, Cynthia


Tamara said...

This is a very interesting topic.The title artist can mean so many different things.So many catagories such as an artisan, a fine artist,a professional artist, a craftsperson to name just a few. Yesterday I was looking through the magazine called American Craft.Beautiful works. The show circuits for this type of craft is very different from the shows I have seen locally. Some pieces are truly museum quality. Very high craftsmanship. So, even within the craft world there are layers.I have also been thinking hard about going the gallery route with my work. Mostly due to my temperment and secondly due to my time. I just don't have the personality for "sales" and my time is so precious. Just not enough of it!! I like the fact that the galleries will try to promote your work. This gives the creative person time to do what they do best...create! Some people thrive on the energy of shows and travel all over the US. Last year at the VA BCH Spring Craft show I saw a NC painter sell a $2,000.00 abstract painting! Seemed like he had made a name for himself and knew what he was doing! Gives us all hope! Tamara

Cynthia Elizabeth Anderson said...

What a great comment Tamara. So many good points. Yes, you made me remember some magazines, and shows I've seen advertised that are very 'high end', very 'high art.'
And they are considered 'crafts'. Yes, this topic is large and wide. You think you know what you are talking about, then you find more information, and feel dumbfounded again...and regain a new insight. Thanks so much for your input!