Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Cute Quilted Characters!!!

 This one (above) is actually in the archives already, but when I photographed her the other day to be juried, the photo didn't look too good.  Some blue had migrated into her face, which I initially liked, but when read through a photo, looked more like a mistake.  So, she got reworked, and I must say, I love her better now. 

Finally finished this one too for admittance into the Neptune Festival...let's keep our fingers crossed!!!  I've actually had several of these lying around, unfinished for a while.  You see, I'm not really any kind of seamstress, so figuring out HOW to finish them was a bit of a trick for me!

I also feel compelled to mention something that I just have to laugh at;  I was at a party this weekend, filled with people I had never met.  While showing some of the ladies my work, I inquired as to what they thought I should charge for the pieces or what they thought people would pay at the Neptune Festival....for pieces like the ones pictured above.  One person actually said, $15.00.  My husband and I have laughed and laughed over it...cause there's nothing else to do!  We both said, well, if I was working in a sweat shop in China...maybe. 

Trying to figure out what to charge for original artwork is one of the worst tasks for me as an artist; perhaps that's why I try to employ the thoughts of others.  I do think it is an intricate process of an opinion survey, research, and advice from those who are more experienced in art sales, as well as learning ways to come up with unique projects that can be made more simply for a lesser price, while not losing the integrity of the pieces.  It's all just another great learning experience on the way to success! 

Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend!

Remember how wonderful you are and how much you have to offer:)  Your presence and contribution is greatly needed.



Kathy said...

Agreed. It is really difficult. Sometimes when I make a small mosaic the assumption is that it's less expensive, but often the smallest pieces require the most attention to detail. I often base my cost on time and materials. Lastly, I consider the type of transaction it is - commission, show, gallery event, or even a trade.

You're stuff is adorable!! I love the latest piece. As you know, never sell yourself out!

daisy69778 said...

I agree too! It's hard, you want to sell it, but want to make a profit too!
LOVE YOUR QUILT girls, their little faces are precious!
So glad you and Trishia hooked up!
I'm excited!

Love ya

GoddesStephanie said...

You say you're not any kind of seamstress, but these are wonderful! So I'd say you are! Found you on Goddess Leonie's marketplace. Love the quilt girls!

Cynthia Elizabeth Anderson said...

Thanks for the feedback ladies, love it! And glad u came to check it out Goddess Stephanie! Thank you so much!