Friday, July 15, 2011


Well, there were 34 entries in total.  A BIG THANK YOU to EVERYONE who participated!!!!  So, how did I do it?  I typed out all the names, cut them into even sized pieces of paper, folded them each twice, put them in the large fairy hat and shook it like a martini.  I initially tried to get the dogs to pick one up off the floor (it would have been the winner), but alas, this did not it wasn't food related:)  So, I waited for Rob, my husband, to get home and let him do the picking.  It was fun and exciting for me too, as I personally know most of the people who participated.

Drumroll please:   The FIRST BIG BLOG GIVE-AWAY has been WON by TERESA HARRIS METCALFE, of Richmond, KY.  Yay Teresa!!!  She tells me she 'never wins anything' so I guess the Universe decided it was high time.  I hope you enjoy the piece Teresa, and fear not all, THERE WILL BE MANY MORE GIVE AWAYS.  I have a whole collection of these type of works that will be going for give STAY TUNED!!!

Have a great day!

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