Saturday, July 23, 2011


We've got some great weather going on here in Virginia Beach....I'd love to GO TO THE BEACH more, but boy do I have a lot of work to do!!!  I've been working on the computer all day today!  I have learned so much about the computer, blogging, social media, ETSY, promoting myself with buttons and badges!!!!  It's a real trip!  But it makes me feel so good to actually be accomplishing a lot.  And I have been.

My latest fantastic news is this:  I have been accepted into the Neptune Festival this coming September 30th through October 2nd!!!!  So very excited about this!  I had never applied before, not sure what I was waiting on...perhaps confidence.  I got in with my little quilted persona people...they are so cute and I adore them!  Hopefully everyone else will too!  I am going to make a plethora of fabric creations for this show, including purses, and mini quilts of all kinds...and some mini's with photos on fabric ...of loved ones with cute little sayings and the like.  Busy, busy, busy!!!

Be sure to mark the Neptune Festival on your calendars for this year!!!  I hope to see you there:)  Have a great weekend and especially - have some fun!!! 

My Best,


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