Friday, May 27, 2011

World Changing Writing Workshop!!!

I saw this workshop online somewhere...and decided it's just what the doctor ordered.  I love to write...always have.  However, I have so many questions about writing and making a living at it.  I find that most creative people don't have just one outlet for their creativity;  generally, they have many.  In fact, some of us are intrigued by a large number of artistic/creative endeavors...and can't seem to help engaging in each and every one that comes our way.  This is me in a nutshell.  I could never decide on a major in college..I could never select just one thing, because I knew that one thing alone would never sustain me.  I want more.  I have always wanted more...sometimes to excess.  However, if that deep need, that desire to create could be harnessed and molded just a bit into a focused channel...maybe, just maybe, it could work.  And this is the essence of life;  making it work. 

Life only IS because life made it work.  Life discovered a way to come into creation, and sustain itself throughout the Milena.  Maybe this was my task all along;  to see the wholeness of life scientifically, consciously, and artistically.  Art has so much to do with the science of our souls.  It is the longing of the soul to make an expression of itself.

What is your expression?  What is your gift to the world?  You have many, you know?  We all do.  Take some time today and remember who you are...why you are here...and enjoy the goodness of your own soul.  Then come back tomorrow and let's see what we can accomplish TOGETHER.  Share the good and let the other fall away.  Don't give energy to the negative...remember;  "love hardly notices when it's been done wrong."  (The Bible)---Because it's love.  Real, true, love. 

I'm turning over new leaves everyday...and today is just the beginning.  Hop on and take the ride with me!!!

Much love, Cynthia

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